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Your simple journey to solar

Want solar panels but don’t know where to start? Loop is here to guide you.

Our free app uses data from your smart meter, house details, and weather information to demonstrate the impact of solar power on your monthly bills and reliance on grid energy.

We’ll personalise your savings based on various solar system sizes and provide a Solar Score to show the impact of solar. When you’re ready, we’ll connect you with our trusted installers to turn your solar dreams into reality. Simply download the free Loop app, check your solar potential, then register for an installation quote.


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How do I register for a solar installation quote?

Once you’ve downloaded the free Loop app, you’ll see an option on the dashboard to ‘Register for Solar and Battery Offers’. It couldn’t be easier!


Then, we crunch the numbers and calculate your Loop Solar Score – the higher the number, the more suitable you are for solar. This is based on your roof, smart meter data, and how much you could save with solar.


We’ll email your score and give you the option to book a callback with our trusted solar installers to get your personalised quote.


How does solar installation work?

Installation is a breeze with our trusted solar installers, working across the UK – it typically takes just one or two days, with minimal disruption beyond a short disconnection of power during the installation process.


Once it’s done, you can enjoy all the benefits of generating your own free, clean energy.


What are the solar panel installation options?

We’ve provided some indicative costs for a small, medium, and large array below. 


*Indicative prices include installation and warranty. Installation will be carried out by one of Loop’s solar partners.


The numbers above include a 5.2 kWh battery. Smaller and larger batteries are available. 


Want to see the savings this will make to your bill?  Download the free Loop app, register for solar, and we’ll show you! We calculate savings based on your actual electricity data, not guestimates. So you won’t get a better indication of payback periods and return on your solar investment than this.


Explore your solar insights

“The solar simulator is a really useful tool if you are considering going for solar, showing you an accurate saving you would make on any given day.” Tim


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