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Take the guesswork out of solar (+ save energy!)

Loop is a FREE energy-saving app that links to your smart meter, analyses your energy use, then shows you easy ways to use less and reduce your household emissions. On average, Loop households cut their energy use by 10%.


Loop’s unique solar simulator feature accesses up to 13 months of past energy data directly from your smart meter and calculates exactly how self-sufficient you would have been with solar. You can also experiment with different sized solar arrays and batteries.


If you have a smart meter, it takes 5 minutes to sign up. Find out if solar would make sense for you today!




Solar makes a LOT of sense, so why don't more people have it?

Clean, green, home-grown power is best.  So why don’t more people have it?  Three main reasons:

  1. Uncertainty over ROI – calculations typically based on (gu)estimates
  2. High up-front costs – typically £5-6k for a 4kW installation
  3. Hassle – where to even start?

Our unique solar simulator takes the guesswork out of installing solar.

Step 1: Link Loop to your Smart Meter for free

Link Loop to your smart meter for free. This gives us the numbers we need to calculate whether solar would work for you.

To link Loop to your smart meter we use payment card details registered to your address to confirm your identity. That’s all we use your card for. We do not take any payment and we do not store any card details. It is important for us to be clear about that. If you do not have a bank card registered at this address, don’t worry, there is another way for us to get you linked up using your smart meter’s in-home display. Just set up your account with your email address and we’ll guide you through.

After you’ve signed up, it generally takes a few hours to establish the link to your smart meter – this is beyond our control and we will update you on progress via email.

Once Loop is linked, it’s time to start exploring the app and seeing whether solar would work for you.

Step 2: Unlock the solar simulator in the Loop app

If you’ve had your smart meter installed for more than 7 days, we should have access to enough data to unlock the solar simulator almost immediately.

Follow the in-app instructions to add your tariff details and some details about your home.  Shortly after that the solar sim magic begins.

Check back in your Track section with the simulator turned on to see how much solar power you would have produced for any day, week or month, how much you would have saved and the difference a battery would have made.

This is calculated using your actual usage data combined with real historic weather and irradiance data – you won’t find a better guide to how solar would work for you.  This is unique, accurate and FREE!

Step 3: Now explore the solar playground

If you’ve had your smart meter installed for more than 90 days, the solar playground will unlock the day after you sign up.  This feature tells you exactly how self-sufficient you would be with different sized solar arrays and batteries.  Again, this is data-driven and the results may surprise you.

If you like what you see, then use the link in the Solar Playground to book a callback from the Loop Solar installations team to find out more.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Get energy smart!

With the climate emergency and spiralling energy prices, there has never been a better time to take back control of your energy use and bills. In the current energy market, using less energy is the ONLY way to cut your energy bill! On average, Loop households cut their electricity use by 10%. Simply sign up to Loop for free to get started.

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