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Easter Phantom Hunt: the energy-saving egg hunt alternative!

With Easter approaching and energy costs high, you might be looking for a low-cost, family-friendly activity that will keep children entertained over the Easter Weekend. How about one that can actually SAVE you money?


Luckily, Loop’s here to help with our Easter Phantom Hunt! Show children the cost of using energy, create good energy-saving habits, and take the opportunity to teach them the positive impact it can have on the planet too.



What is Phantom Load? Phantom Load is the name for appliances left switched on in your home, adding to your energy bill without you necessarily knowing about it. Many households waste over £350 a year through their Phantom Load, so it pays to get clued up! Phantom Load can be categorised in three ways. 

  1. The things you leave plugged in or on standby.
  2. The things you know are on but don’t know what they’re costing – like smart speakers and electric underfloor heating.
  3. The things you switch on and forget about – like extra fridges or electric towel rails.

Get started on your Easter Phantom Hunt!

Step 1: Depending on the age of your children, first identify and list household appliances for them to find and turn off. We’ve listed some of the most energy-hungry things to look out for below.

Step 2: Leave Easter treats at each device for them to find. Just make sure younger children are supervised around plugs and electrical items.

Step 3: For older children, each Phantom Load culprit could be accompanied by a clue or riddle to guide them to the next appliance.

Top tip: If the plug or appliance feels warm, it’s using energy! But please be careful around electric heaters and hot lightbulbs!

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