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Loop: now powered by your Smart Meter

The Loop app helps you understand how you use energy and shows you easy ways to use less.  Until now you’ve needed Loop hardware to use Loop.  Not any more!  


Smart decisions, easy savings

Loop makes it easy to cut the energy you use in your home, for free. Using your smart meter data, Loop analyses your energy usage and shows you the simple ways to use less.

With Loop you can track your usage, make smart changes, then see the impact. Get insights into how you use energy and even how you compare to other households like yours.

Who should sign up?

If you have a smart meter and are interested in reducing your energy use, reducing your impact on the environment,  understanding more about how solar power could work for you and perhaps saving a bit of money in the process then you’re in the right place!

What are the benefits of using Loop?

There are so many…

  • Making your household more efficient is the first step towards creating your low carbon home of the future.  The greenest energy is the energy you don’t use.  We all need to do more to reduce our impact.
  • Seeing the electricity you use and how much it costs helps you to cut your usage.  It’s called the Feedback Effect.  Most households can cut an easy >5% from their usage.
  • Find your Phantoms.  We all leave things turned on or on standby. Some things have to stay on, like your fridge and freezer but there are lots of other things that you leave on that perhaps you don’t need to. We call this your Phantom Load.  We’ll show how much this is costing you and how it compares to other households like yours.  The average household could be losing £140 per year to its Phantoms, but for some homes this could be as high as £450. 
  • Our unique solar simulator works brilliantly with smart meters.  We import up to 13 months of your energy data, crunch some numbers and before long can report back on how self-sufficient you would be with solar.  You can read more about it here.

What does "beta test" mean?

A beta test is the final round of testing that we do before launching a new product.

Loop’s smart meter compatibility is in beta. This is our way of saying that although the smart meter product has lots of great features and works well, it’s not the final product and will contain bugs. That’s why we offer this early access for free. We’ve released the product in beta because our customers will get value out of the product sooner and we will get early feedback on what we’ve produced. This is the best way for us to improve our product.

I am an existing Loop Clip customer, can I sign up for smart meter Beta?

As an existing user, please do not sign up for the smart meter beta test using your existing Loop account. We would love to get your feedback on the beta version but please use a different email address to the address used on your current Loop account.  This is important! 

We’re releasing smart meter compatibility in beta form to get user feedback as soon as possible. But we’re still working on improving the beta product. This will include making it work seamlessly with existing accounts. However that work has yet to be complete so we ask all current users who want to use our smart meter compatibility to create a new account to do so.

How do I know if I have a smart meter?

Around half of UK homes have a smart meter and the other half have older manual meters. 

If you’ve had a new meter fitted since January 2009 it’s likely you have a smart meter. No longer having your meter read, not being asked to provide meter readings and not receiving estimated bills are other strong indicators that you have a smart meter. 

A way to be definitive is to look at your electricity meter. If the serial number of the meter starts with “19P” then it’s a first generation smart meter. If it starts with “19M” it’s a second generation smart meter. Loop is compatible with all second generation meters and most first generation meters. We expect to be compatible with all first generation meters soon.

A smarter meter is here!

Unlock your smart meter data for free with Loop. Stop wasting energy and start saving today.

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Is solar right for you?

Loop has the answers! Our solar simulator lets you test how solar could work for you before you invest. Using energy data from your smart meter, details about your house and weather information, we can show you the actual difference solar power could make to your monthly bills and your reliance on grid energy.

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Easy ways to save!


Become an energy-saving hero

Simply seeing how much your electricity use is costing you each day has an impact on how much you use. It’s called the “feedback effect” and can cut your usage by 15%.


Turn off the always-on

Phantom Load is our name for the stuff you leave on all the time. Understand what this is costing you and then make smart choices about which things to turn off. Simple. In some homes, this could be as much as £450!


Switching made easy

Using the Loop app, it takes 10 minutes to save up to £300 by switching your energy tariffs away from costly standard variable deals.


Homegrown energy is cheapest

It doesn’t get any cheaper, or cleaner, than the energy you generate at home! Find out if it makes sense for you before investing with Loop’s unique solar simulator.

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