Lower Carbon Footprint

“The data has enabled me to keep tabs on the energy I use and more importantly how I am using it. A spike can now be easily attributed to a washing machine wash, or tumble dryer, etc, which is making me use energy more efficiently. Now, with several years data I am challenging myself to use energy better and to keep reducing my unnecessary energy usage. My home lights are now on schedules, so this data also allows me to check that the schedules are working and to see the monetary impact of the schedules I choose, modifying them if I deem the usage too high. It has also allowed me to make educated selected purchases (light bulbs, etc) to further reduce my usage and carbon footprint.”


Save the Planet

“In the movie Apollo 13, there is a scene, which presumably resembles real life events, where they are trying to turn electrical devices on in the spacecraft in a certain order and they cannot go above 22 amps. Since moving into my new home, this is exactly what I have been using Loop for, turning each switch and device on one at a time to understand how much it costs to use. Then trying different combinations to determine what I actually need on and what is unnecessary. It was good to see in real time the actual cost of running different products to know how much it costs to heat the kettle, clean clothes in the washing machine, have different lights on. The loop device has been an essential tool to be as minimal as possible and do my bit for the environment.”

Usage Nudge

“On multiple occasions the Loop monitor has reminded me to switch off electric heaters in the bathroom, when someone in the household has forgotten to switch it off. Since this is a 2Kw heater it costs up to 30p an hour to run!”



Overnight Energy

“I keep track of how much electricity gets used overnight. I know what the minimum should be and therefore can detect when something has been left on by accident by looking at the trend. I also check on the train in to work to see if the lights have been left on by the power being used. If they have I can turn them off remotely. Third thing is by looking at the power being used and turning off an individual appliance I can see how much it uses on standby. Using that method I worked out the coffee machine was sucking power when it wasn’t turned on – now it gets turned off at the wall switch!”

Eco Changes

“My Loop allows me to better understand the cost of running an auxiliary electric oil heater and how to more efficiently heat my home, it also allows me to check how much my oven uses when cooking – which prompted me to purchase a small air fryer (effectively a small fan oven) which is a lot more efficient than heating a whole oven for a few chips!”



Connected Home

“I use it regularly to work out if we’ve left something on when we leave the house. It’s also helped get my standby usage down, through turning things off and checking how low I can get the baseline.”






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