Understanding Appliances

“Loop has demonstrated how much more energy efficient a new hairdryer was compared to an old model. The morning spikes in wattage were less pronounced. I am even able to detect the usage of a slow cooker when left on during the day when no one is at home.”



Cutting Running Costs

“Loop clearly showed me how uneconomical my 12 year old fridge freezer which was located in my garage was, as it was almost constantly running and costing me more than I would otherwise have been aware of. This led me to buy a new A+++ rated appliance which in the long run should save me money, a very useful and helpful tool.”


Reducing Usage

“Since installing Loop a few years ago, I have managed to reduce my usage considerably. I check my readings every day. It was not long after installation of my Loop that I tracked down a high user of electricity. By detective work, I unplugged various electrical installations in turn, while monitoring the current (no pun intended) usage. I eventually found that a computer, which was no longer in use, but was still connected to an electricity supply was drawing power, and was not shutting down. Once unplugged the electrical power dropped noticeably. Lesson learnt, don’t leave items connected to a power source when not in use.”

Spotting Electrical Problems

“Loop helped me detect and rectify a fairly major electrical problem. We have a touring caravan which we store at home between trips, and to keep the battery charged and to maintain the heating at a low temperature we connect the van to the mains at home. So far so good, but on checking Loop we found that our power consumption was much higher than usual after connecting up. After exhausting other possibilities we found that the power input on the caravan had been set on 3kw instead of the usual 1kw. We don’t have a smart meter (nor want one!), and wouldn’t have known about this other than by a check on consumption via Loop. So all credit to Loop, and thanks for the lower bill.”

Faulty Dishwasher

“I found out that my dishwasher was drawing power when it was switched off as the base energy showing in Loop was higher than I expected. It turns out the dishwasher was faulty and I’ve now bought a new one and the readings are where I would expect them.”


Finding Broken Meter

“The reason we purchased the Loop energy monitor was because our electricity supplier was giving us very large bills and we didn’t believe it to be correct. After fitting Loop it confirmed our electric meter was broken. This help us find the problem. I am made up with the Loop energy monitor and would 100% recommend.”




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