Seeing Consumption

“My daughter had left an electric fan heater on low in a bedroom that is not used regularly. I notice a spike in the consumption, so went on the hunt for the culprit!”




Monitoring Household

“I can use my Loop to see if my son is playing his Xbox when he should be A) sleeping B) doing GCSE revision!”





Showing Standby Energy

“Reducing energy consumption was a personal pledge of mine for 2019. I had loft insulation fitted, gaps plugged and when electrical appliances had reached their end I purchased the most energy efficient models I could afford and yet I was plagued by the little red light on appliances at night, a sign of standby mode. I would go around switching them off and my spouse would complain endlessly about the effort of having to flick them back on. The argument ran “they’re on standby, they don’t use electricity” to which I would retort “of course they do. If there was no energy being used then how does the little red light stay on?”. I almost give up. The smart meter provided by my energy supplier was no help and then I found Loop. Connect the Loop, download the app, present live info to reluctant spouse and hey presto no more little red lights at night. The simple, immediate data provided proof I needed to make sure my whole household understood how energy is consumed.”

Prove to Family

“Helped prove to our kids how much electricity is wasted by running the shower while getting ready, and re-boiling a kettle when its cooled down.”




Seeing Usage

“My Loop helped me justify my constant nagging of family members to “Turn those… lights off when you’re not in the room”. To be able to see the current usage go up and down every time we turned a light on and off was a very obvious way to convince them!”



Peace of Mind

“It lets me know if my older children are safely home from school – they put on the heater in the garden studio.”






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