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The most efficient hot tub could still cost £860 per year...

…and up to SIX TIMES MORE, if it’s not an efficient model! The numbers could be scary, but you may not know until the bill arrives! So how do you find out what your hot tub costs to run?

The free Loop smart meter app analyses your smart meter data, showing you costs and easy ways to use less. On average, Loop users cut their energy usage by 10%!

Use less, spend less. With April’s price cap increase and the prospect of another in October, now’s the time to take control. That’s where Loop can help!

We can show you up to 13 months of your energy data. Track back over hours, days, weeks, months and years. See what your things are costing you and find out how you compare with other households like yours. 

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“Some friends stayed recently for a few days while we were away. Although they said they had barely used the hot tub, the Loop info suggested something very different!” Loop User