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Secure Your 90% Insulation Subsidy Before Winter

Are You Eligible for the Great British Insulation Scheme?

  • Are you a homeowner?
  • Are your cavity walls uninsulated?
  • Is your Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating D or below? Check here
  • Is your home within Council Tax bands A-D? Check here

Are you a YES across the board?
If so, you’re likely to qualify for a 90% subsidy on your insulation upgrade through the Great British Insulation Scheme. That could mean paying just £200 on a typical £2,000 cavity wall insulation project!

Next steps: 

We’ve teamed up with insulation experts InstaGroup to make your insulation upgrades as easy as possible.

  1. The form below guides you through the qualification criteria.  
  2. Add your details and InstaGroup will contact you for a free consultation.

An average house with poor insulation will cost more than £15 PER DAY to heat on the coldest days this winter so now is the time to act!


Will I definitely get subsidised insulation upgrades through the Great British Insulation Scheme?

The government aims to improve the insulation for 300,000 households through the Great Britsh Insulation Scheme (GBIS). The criteria for funding are:

  1. You own your own home or are renting privately and are on benefits.
  2. Your cavity walls are currently unfilled/uninsulated.
  3. Your home has an EPC rating of D or below
  4. Your home is within Council Tax band A – D

Even if you don’t qualify for funding under GBIS, there are other subsidies available. InstaGroup are the insulation experts and can provide advice on what support may be available. Complete the form above and they will contact you for a free consultation.


What is cavity wall insulation?

If your outer walls are made of two layers of brick with a gap in between them, you have ‘cavity walls’.


35% of heat can be lost through uninsulated cavity walls, but they can usually be safely filled with insulation.


Who are InstaGroup?

With over 40 years of energy-saving experience, we’re proud to be partnering with InstaGroup to make improving your insulation easy. The benefits of improving your home’s insulation don’t stop at cheaper energy bills. Your home will be warmer, cosier, more eco-friendly and it can improve your home’s EPC rating too.