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Cut your heating bills by up to 60%

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We’ve teamed up with insulation experts InstaGroup to help make your insulation upgrades as easy as possible. Payback on insulation has never been faster. Take the quick quiz below to register your interest and InstaGroup will be in touch to arrange a free consultation.


Did you know…?

80% of your gas bill is heating but…

35% of heat is lost through uninsulated walls and…

25% of heat is lost through an uninsulated loft

Improve your insulation now to enjoy the instant benefits of increased comfort and lower bills. 


What is cavity wall insulation?

If your outer walls are made of two layers of brick with a gap in between them, you have ‘cavity walls’.


35% of heat can be lost through uninsulated cavity walls, but they can usually be safely filled with insulation.


What is loft insulation?

Using a recommended depth of 270mm, loft insulation will capture heat normally lost through the roof and stop cold air from getting in.


You’ll notice the benefits of loft insulation right away, and could see your energy bills reduce by hundreds of pounds a year, depending on the size of your property.


What is solid wall insulation?

Solid Wall insulation lowers your heating bills


Solid Wall insulation (also called External Wall insulation) can save up to 40% of heat from being lost through uninsulated walls, bringing down energy bills while warming up your home.


If your home is suitable for Solid Wall insulation robust insulation panels are fixed to the external brick walls to help keep in the heat. The installation is finished with an attractive weather-proof render, brick slips or dash, so you can refresh the look of your property at the same time.


Find out more on the InstaGroup site


Who are Instagroup?

With their 40 years of energy-saving experience, we’re proud to be partnering with Instagroup to make improving your insulation easy. The benefits of improving your home’s insulation don’t stop at cheaper energy bills. Your home will be warmer, cosier, more eco-friendly and it can improve your home’s EPC rating too.


Check out their website to find out more.