Heat is expensive!  Hold on to it!

  • 80% of your gas bill is spent on heating
  • 35% of heat is lost through uninsulated walls
  • 25% of heat is lost through an uninsulated loft
  • An average house with poor insulation will cost more than £20 PER DAY to heat on the coldest days this winter!

Now the good news!

  • Improving loft insulation is easy and your payback period could be as short as 18 months!
  • Improving cavity wall insulation is easy and your payback period could be as short as 3 years!

InstaGroup are market leaders in energy-saving home improvements. We’ve teamed up with them to launch a new Insulation Improvement Scheme. The benefits of improving your home’s insulation don’t stop at cheaper energy bills. Your home will be warmer, cosier, more eco-friendly and it can improve your home’s EPC rating too.

Step 1: Your time is precious so use the checklist below to ensure your home is suitable for insulation upgrades.

Step 2: If improvements are possible, send us some details using the form below,  There is no obligation.

Step 3: Instagroup will contact you to discuss your insulation upgrade

1. Do you have cavity walls?

The age of your house is a big clue. If it dates from some time after the 1920s, it was probably built with cavity walls.


You can also measure the width of the wall. If it’s more than 260mm thick it probably has a cavity, while narrower than that is usually solid.


The last clue is the pattern of the bricks:

Solid wall:


Cavity wall:


35% of heat can be lost through uninsulated cavity walls, but they can usually be safely filled with insulation.


Solid Wall insulation (also called External Wall insulation) can save up to 40% of heat from being lost through uninsulated walls, bringing down energy bills while warming up your home.


2. Are your cavity walls already filled?

If your home is less than 30 years old your wall cavities are probably insulated.  If you home is older, can you see filled drill holes on the outside of your walls? If so, these are likely to mean the necessary work has already been done.


3. Do you already have loft insulation?

Do you already have 270mm of loft insulation? If you have access to your loft and a tape measure, it’s easy enough to check.


🧱 Cavity wall insulation costs

If you have cavity walls – meaning two walls with a gap in between – they can usually be safely filled with insulation. This involves a professional spraying your walls full of foam, or alternatives such as beads. Here are the numbers:

cavity wall insulation table


🏠 Loft insulation costs

Assuming you have access to your loft, then insulating it is a fairly simple and non-invasive job, putting in place sheets of typically mineral wool insulation. Using a recommended depth of 270mm, this insulation will capture heat normally lost through the roof and stop cold air from getting in. Here are the numbers:

loft insulation table


Is your home suitable?

Do the numbers work?

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