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Newsletter #7
16 January 2020. The big story today is Sir David Attenborough’s interview on the BBC in which he warns we have reached our climate crisis moment.  It’s both sobering and motivating – we all have a role to play in battling this climate emergency and it doesn’t end with choosing a Green Tariff. Read more.


Newsletter #6
19 December 2019. Our final email of the year features the obligatory Christmas-themed piece below on how to have an energy-saving Christmas, but we’ve also got some other new pieces on the incentives available to make your home more energy efficient, how to take the pain out of switching energy provider and one on Energy Performance Certificates as a starting point for understanding and improving a property’s energy efficiency. Read more.

Newsletter #5
12 December 2019. This week the blog’s packed to bursting with 11 new posts, covering everything from the future of smart energy and your role in creating a net-zero UK, through to electric vehicles, solar + the Smart Export Guarantee, why it isn’t always easy being green and more besides. Read more.

Newsletter #4

26 November 2019. This week we’ve got a couple of interesting new articles for you on how to make older homes more energy efficient (including some top tips that apply to all households), plus a great piece on how to get kids on board with saving energy. Read more.

Newsletter #3

13 November 2019. It’s the time of year when your energy use (and therefore your bills) will inevitably increase.  Read more.

Newsletter #2

5 November 2019. The big news from us this week is that our new webshop is open and Loop is available for sale.  Hurrah! Read more.

Newsletter #1

14 October 2019. Thanks for subscribing and welcome to our first update. We’ll send these updates regularly, sharing new blog content, Loop news and highlights from around the Web that we hope you’ll find interesting. Read more.

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