Loop can now get energy data direct from your smart meter

Link Loop to your smart meter and enjoy ALL Loop benefits FOR FREE

On average, Loop households cut their electricity use by 10%


There are now two ways to get Loop

1. Fully-featured Loop App, linked to your smart meter for free
If you have a smart meter, great news!  You can link the Loop app to your smart meter and enjoy full access to all Loop benefits for free, no purchase required. Link Loop below.

2. With Loop Hardware
If you don’t have a smart meter, worry not. Simply purchase your Loop monitoring kit below, download the Loop App and follow the in-app installation instructions to get started.



Loop (Monitoring Kit) Loop (Smart Meter)
What is it? Loop is an app that helps you understand your electricity use and shows you easy ways to use less. For households without a smart meter, you can install our monitoring kit to use Loop. For households with Smart Meters, you can link Loop to your smart meter and get all the benefits of Loop for free. Track your usage, become energy-efficient, test how solar could work for you, easy switching to a cheaper tariff and more. The smart way to go green
How to get started If you don’t have a smart meter, simply order your Loop hardware kit and download the smartphone app from either the App Store or Google Play to get started. If you have a smart meter, just click on the link above to get started.  We use payment card details registered to your address to confirm your identity but that’s all we use your card for. We do not take any payment and don’t save your details. It is important for us to be clear about that.  
Installation The Loop Monitoring Kit is easy to install yourself – a 5 minute job, no electricians or wiring required. Once you’ve linked Loop to your smart meter that’s it.  Nothing else to do.
Cost £49.99 FREE



Loop (Monitoring Kit) Loop (Smart Meter)
Track: Live view Yes No*
*Whilst you can’t see your live usage in the app, real-time usage is available on your smart meter’s in-home display.
Track: Day view Yes Yes
Track: Week view Yes Yes
Track: Month view Yes Yes
Tariff Switching Yes*
*Unlocks after 30 days
*Unlocks immediately where 30 days of data available
Solar and Battery Simulation Yes*
*Unlocks after 24 hours
*Unlocks immediately where 7 days of data available
Solar Playground Yes*
*Unlocks after 90 days
*Unlocks immediately where 90 days of data available