It's time to Turn Down and Save

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Big Savings

“Since the installation of my electricity loop, I’ve managed to save an average of £7 per month. That’s a total of £84, for free! Having owned the electricity loop for 5 years, I’ve managed to save around £420 in total. Thank you Loop!”

Reducing Bills

“I’ve really thankful for my loop. It’s great and easy to setup. I’ve managed to reduce my bill by almost 15% thanks to the easy to use accessible app… even the kids have joined in with me.”

Energy-Guzzling Appliances

“I genuinely believe Loop has saved me between 10-25% off my electricity bill in the last year. I have identified several appliances that have cost me more than I thought just by being on standby. Now with the use of smart plugs I only have them on when required. It is also an eye opener to see how much energy is used by the kettle, tumble dryer and oven.”

Reducing Phantom Load

“The loop device has helped identify some pretty significant high electrical devices that I’ve had for a while. One issue was using an electric heater during the winter in an area where my central heating didn’t reach so my only option. Working from home, it was important to keep warm but the drain and cost of the heater was made clear so I went from a 4kw heater to a 500w heater. This had a reasonable effect but still being able to monitor the heating, I decided to change the location of the office and now very rarely needing heating. This has saved me £££££. In addition, I have dropped my ambient power from 300w to 140w by carefully assessing replacement household goods. By having the monitor, it has put the actual cost information of running my house in the palm of my hand.”

Making a Smart Home

“Having a property full of technology and household appliances doesn’t lead to saving money – it can just use more energy, especially when everything is plugged in and draining electricity. We’ve used Loop to identify the biggest energy-using resources and then slowly replaced them for more efficient ones. We changed to smart-LED lights, only coming on when we need them and going off automatically when we don’t. We’ve now managed to reduce our power consumption to its lowest level by using Loop, but not to the point that we are sat in the dark like cave hermits.”

Getting Energy-Smart

“On moving to my rented house, our energy bills were huge. As we were renting, making changes to the ageing boiler or (lack of) insulation was out of scope. I bought Loop, got it working quickly and easily and used the high resolution monitoring to find out where the phantoms were – like replacing the halogen bulbs with LEDs. To top it off, Loop then recommended a new tariff that could save me £100. By making energy more tangible, Loop helped me to reduce my demand and save money on my tariff.”

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