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17 November
Have you been keeping up with COP26? Here’s a rundown of the key pledges and importantly, how you can make a positive difference too! Read more.

30 October
COP26 inspiring you to rethink your environmental impact? Every eco-action may seem small in the grand scheme of things – but they add up! Read more.

16 October
Do you think you’re doing enough to tackle climate change? Loop’s NEW carbon calculator shows you the green changes you should be making. Read more.

3 October
Combat the energy price cap rise. There’s never been a smarter time to get energy-efficient and cut your electricity bills. Read more.

22 May
Switching to low carbon heating is just one part of creating a low carbon home. Find out how solar, EVs & heat pumps can all work together. Read more.

22 April
With Earth Day upon us, now is a great time to consider the big green changes you could make to reduce your environmental impact. Read more.

2 April
Make the most of the long weekend by going on our Easter Phantom Load hunt. It could save you up to £450 on your energy bills! Read more.

20 March
The change of season is a good time to re-evaluate how you use energy at home. With the sun now out it’s a great time to consider solar too! Read more.

23 February
It’s time to make some positive changes. If you’re looking to get greener and save money this year, find out how Loop can help. Read more.


29 December
You’re almost at the finish line! Here are the final changes you should consider making. They’re big, but important… Read more.

21 December
Time to find out the quick and easy changes you can make to level-up your home energy use. How much could you save? Read more.

16 December
Winter is here. Take our winter energy health check and see how your home shapes up! Read more.

28 November
Get Green Faster with Loop. With our 10% discount for Green Saturday, you’ll not only be saving money, but reducing your eco impact too. Read more.

17 October
Use Loop and develop your energy instinct to sniff out savings, Phantoms and problems. Read more.

25 September
Have you been on a Loop Snoop yet? It’s time to hunt out those energy-wasting culprits and take back control of your usage! Read more.

11 September
The Green Homes Grant is opening at the end of the month. Get clued up with our guide now, so you can reap the benefits! Read more.

29 August
Working from home more must be better for the environment… but is that always true? Plus Shrink the Pink Round 2 is open. Read more.

18 August
We’ve launched a competition where you could win a Loop by being self-sufficient for a week! Learn more inside and take on the challenge. Read more.

4 August
This week we have a big NEW feature announcement, plus everything you need to know about solar panels – with our solar takeover! Read more.

10 July
Loop Data Scientist, Ruth, takes over the blog this week with TWO articles on a new tariff types & whether smart meters mean cleaner energy. Read more.

26 June
What would you say if you were stuck in a lift with Donald Trump? Plus so many new articles to share this week we’ve run out of space. Read more.

8 June
An extended trial offer, energy-saving in the garden and the growth of renewables. Read more.

7 May
The sun is shining and there’s bunting to put up but before getting up the stepladder, we’ve got a great offer to float your way. Read more.

27 April
The unprecedented situation we find ourselves in continues to have unforeseen consequences, even for energy.  Plus new features on the way. Read more.

9 April
New features, articles on home solar and the power of individual action + a different kind of Easter hunt.  Read more.

27 March
Response times over this period, the arrival of Loop on Android, Spring cleaning your energy use, the latest from our EV series + lots more!  Read more.

26 February
This week we’ve got a bumper crop of articles on the blog, including pieces on non-solar renewables for the home and the hidden energy costs of box-set binges below, plus overcoming electric vehicle range anxiety and the emerging field of active carbon removal.  Read more.

7 February
The big news from us this week is that we’re now beta testing our Android app.  We’ve had a lot of enquires about when Android is coming, so this is a big step forward for us. Read more.

28 January
This week we’ve we’ve got an in-depth look at how the UK needs to wean itself off gas as a heating source in order to meet our net zero targets, including a look at some of the replacement options.  Following Sir David Attenborough’s sobering and motivating interview on the BBC that we flagged last time, we’ve also got a short piece exploring why the UK has declared a climate emergency. The role we can all play in this starts with making some smart choices about energy use. Read more.

16 January
The big story today is Sir David Attenborough’s interview on the BBC in which he warns we have reached our climate crisis moment.  It’s both sobering and motivating – we all have a role to play in battling this climate emergency and it doesn’t end with choosing a Green Tariff. Read more.


19 December
Our final email of the year features the obligatory Christmas-themed piece below on how to have an energy-saving Christmas, but we’ve also got some other new pieces on the incentives available to make your home more energy efficient, how to take the pain out of switching energy provider and one on Energy Performance Certificates as a starting point for understanding and improving a property’s energy efficiency. Read more.

12 December
This week the blog’s packed to bursting with 11 new posts, covering everything from the future of smart energy and your role in creating a net-zero UK, through to electric vehicles, solar + the Smart Export Guarantee, why it isn’t always easy being green and more besides. Read more.

26 November

This week we’ve got a couple of interesting new articles for you on how to make older homes more energy efficient (including some top tips that apply to all households), plus a great piece on how to get kids on board with saving energy. Read more.

13 November

It’s the time of year when your energy use (and therefore your bills) will inevitably increase.  Read more.

5 November

The big news from us this week is that our new webshop is open and Loop is available for sale.  Hurrah! Read more.

14 October

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