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Could you use less energy at home?

Almost certainly!

But without compromising comfort and convenience?


Stop wasting energy and start saving today with Loop, your energy-saving assistant.

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Using less energy with Loop

Loop is an innovative energy-saving system that monitors and analyses your energy use, then shows you easy ways to use less energy. 

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Getting started

It takes less than 10 minutes to install the Loop energy monitoring hardware yourself – no electricians or expertise required.  Then the Loop app helps you become more efficient, cutting your electricity use, reducing your wasted energy AND saving you money in the process.  In fact, Loop can quickly pay for itself many times over.

With our 45-day no-quibble money-back guarantee there’s nothing to lose. Big savings are waiting for you… don’t miss out!

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Easy ways to save energy

Save 15% just by seeing what you're using

Simply seeing how much your electricity use is costing you each day has an impact on how much you use. It’s called the “feedback effect” and can cut your usage by 15%.

Turning off the always on

Phantom Load is our name for the stuff you leave on all the time. Understand what this is costing you and then make smart choices about which things to turn off. Simple.  In some houses, this can be over £450 per year.

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How else can you use less grid power?

Homegrown solar power is the cleanest and cheapest energy around.  Find out if it makes sense for you before investing with Loop’s unique solar simulator.

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Easy ways to save

Using the Loop app, it takes 10 minutes to save up to £300 by switching your energy tariffs away from costly standard variable deals.

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Find out what your appliances cost to run

Use Loop to find out how much your appliances cost to run.

What's a Loop Snoop?

£ 300

saved by switching tariff with Loop

£ 140

saved by cutting your Phantom Load

15 %

energy saved by seeing what you're using

Looking for more?

We think Loop is great, but don’t just take our word for it! Read what real Loop users have to say.

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Plus, did you know Loop has been featured in the Independent, The Guardian and This Is Money? You can read up on the articles in our newsroom.

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