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Take the sting out of high energy costs

Tired of paying sky-high electricity bills every month? Solar might be the solution!

Powering your home with free, clean energy, solar panels will help you rely less on the grid and your electricity bill will plummet. Plus, any excess energy you generate can be sold back to the grid.

If you’re looking to apply for a solar grant, first test out how solar would work for your home.

Loop’s free in-app Solar Simulator uses your energy data, details about your house, and weather information to show you the impact solar would make.


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What solar panel grants and purchase schemes are available?

These are the current solar panel grants and schemes running in the UK for 2023.


The Energy Company Obligation (ECO4 scheme)

Running between 1st April 2022-2026, this is a government energy-efficiency scheme aimed at making renewable energy sources like solar more accessible for low-income households.


Energy suppliers with over 150,000 customers are obligated to support eligible households and the amount of funding you receive depends on your eligibility and how effective solar is for your home.


You don’t need to apply for a grant from your supplier. So, find the one that best suits your needs from the eligibility criteria.


You can apply for the ECO4 grant if you’re receiving benefits and own your home, or if you rent and have permission from your landlord. 


Read more about the ECO4 scheme here


Smart Export Guarentee (SEG) 

Launched in 2020, replacing the Feed-In-Tariff, the Smart Export Guarantee is a government initiative where energy suppliers with over 150,000 customers are required to pay homeowners for any excess solar-generated electricity produced from MCS-certified panels.


As part of this scheme households are required to have a registered smart meter to record exported electricity.


You can apply for this scheme through your energy supplier. Read more here


VAT Reduction

The government introduced 0% VAT on the installation of energy-saving measures like solar panels, electric heat pumps, and home insulation, to help support high energy bills. This runs until April 1st 2027. 


Read more about VAT reduction here


The Green Deal

Originally government funded, this now-private loan repayment scheme is designed to help households manage the upfront cost of a solar installation, spreading the cost over 10-25 years. 


Whether you have an electricity meter or a prepayment meter, you can be eligible for this scheme. Once your property is assessed, you can apply for a Green Deal Finance Plan. 


Read more about the scheme here.


Are solar panels worth it?

With solar, it pays to think long-term – considering both the energy crisis and the climate emergency. With an uncertain outlook, solar is a good investment to get back some energy security, future-proof your energy bill and cut your household’s carbon emissions.


  • Become your own energy supplier and save up to 70% on your electricity bill.
  • Reduce your reliance on grid energy by increasing your household’s self-sufficiency.
  • Save £34,000 over the lifetime of your solar panels. 
  • Generate free, clean energy for the 25-year warranty. 
  • Add value to your home with the latest solar and battery technology.
  • Cut your carbon footprint by 1.6 tonnes each year. EVERY YEAR. It’s a large and sustained impact.


How much can you save with solar?

Fitting solar panels will save money on your energy bills, as you won’t have to buy as much – if any – energy from the grid!


With a solar array on your roof, you generate your own power. The portion of the solar you generate and use is called your self-consumption. Every unit of electricity you self-consume saves you from buying that unit from the grid. This saves you over 34p per unit based on current prices. The higher your self-consumption, the larger your savings.


Any energy you can’t use yourself is exported to the grid. As a solar household, your utility will pay you for exported electricity under the Smart Export Guarantee. This is at a lower rate, anything between 3p and 7.5p depending on your supplier.


How do I apply for a solar grant?

Before you apply for a grant, you need to find out how solar could work for your home. That’s where Loop can help! 


Simply download the free Loop app and use the Solar Simulator feature to test the impact of solar on your home. Then, once you’re armed with this information, you can make an informed decision about how to go ahead with your solar journey.


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“The solar simulator is a really useful tool if you are considering going for solar, showing you an accurate saving you would make on any given day.” – Tim


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