What's the Solar Playground?

The first step on the solar journey is to unlock your solar and battery simulation.  This gives you a daily, weekly and monthly view of what solar could do for you.

After 90 days, the Solar Playground takes this further – at the push of a button you can see how self sufficient you would be with different sized solar arrays and home battery combinations.



Want to learn more?

Our Data Science team have put together an article that takes a closer look into how we generate our solar-battery simulation in the app.  From how we calculate the amount of solar energy generated, to how we predict the interaction of your virtual solar panels and battery.  Dive into the details of our latest app feature.

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Solar articles

The Loop blog has loads of great articles about solar energy generally – from how the panels work  to understanding how the new Smart Export Guarantee  tariffs pay you for any surplus energy you export back to the grid.

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