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Frequently Asked Questions


Why are Loop offering Summer Turn Down and Save?

Last winter we ran our first Turn Down and Save service. During periods of high strain on the electricity grid, Loop users were paid to use less, all funded through National Grid’s Demand Flexibility Service. Together the Loop community made a huge difference, with over 20,000 customers signing up to take part and over £100,000 paid out!


As we’ve moved into summer we’ve tracked how much carbon dioxide is being emitted to make electricity for the grid. This ‘carbon intensity’ has really varied since winter: from sunny, windy days when electricity is generated from renewables through to days when coal plants have had to switch on.


What can Loop do to help? Well, if our users can use less during the most polluting times and more during the high renewables time, then our users’ emissions will fall. That’s why we’re launching Summer Turn Down and Save!


Who can sign up?

Summer Turn Down and Save is available to everyone with an electricity smart meter.


If you don’t have a Loop account already, click here to set up your free Loop account – once your account is active we’ll email you with instructions on how to sign up to our Summer Turn Down and Save scheme.


How do I take part in Summer Turn Down and Save?

If you’re already a Loop user, simply submit your email address here to join the scheme. Once you’ve joined the scheme, there is no need to opt in to each individual event.  We’ll assume you are taking part.


If you’re not a Loop usersign up to Loop! Then, we’ll email you details on how to join the scheme.


The evening before an event, we’ll let you know via email. We’re making the Summer Turn Down and Save scheme super simple, so there’s no need to opt-in to the individual event. After it’s ended we’ll let you know how you did and everyone who reduces their use is entered into the event’s prize draw.


Over the summer there’s an amazing £4000 of prizes to be won!


When are Summer Turn Down and Save events?

We will monitor how much carbon dioxide is being emitted to make electricity for the grid.  On ten occasions over the summer we’ll call events when it is at its highest as it’s then that shifting usage makes the biggest impact.


Is it for electricity only, or gas, or other fuels too?

Turn Down and Save is concerned with electricity usage only.


How do I opt out?

If you would like to withdraw your consent and opt out of Turn Down and Save, please complete this short form and we’ll remove you from the scheme.


Please note: you will still be entered into the end-of-scheme prize draw with the number of entries you have earned from the events you’ve taken part in.


Is Summer Turn Down and Save linked to National Grid ESO?

No. Summer Turn Down and Save is a Loop initiative and independent of National Grid ESO. Our scheme over winter 2022/23 was part of National Grid ESO’s Demand Flexibility Service, but the summer scheme is independent.



What prizes are on offer?

We have two separate types of prize draw running for Summer Turn Down and Save.


  1. For each event there is a £200 prize draw on offer. If you take part in an event, you receive:
    • 1 entry if you reduce your use compared to your baseline (see below) between 0% and 10%
    • 2 entries if you reduce your use between 11% and 20%
    • 3 entries if you reduce your use between 21% and 30%
    • 4 entries if you reduce your use between 31% and 40%
    • 5 entries if you reduce your use by over 40%

The prize draw will be held within one week of each event with the winner notified by email.


2. At the end of the scheme we will also hold an overall Carbon Hero prize draw with an amazing £2000 prize. You will receive one entry into this draw for each entry you receive into individual events.  So the more energy you save during the events, the more entries you will get.  Time to get saving. 


How is my baseline calculated?

We are keeping it super-simple! For each event, your baseline against which you are compared is the average of your usage at that time of day over the preceding 10 days.


For example, if the event is called between 19.00 – 20.00 on Monday 14th August 2023, your baseline will be the average of your usage between 19.00 – 20.00 between Friday 4th August and Sunday 13th August.


If I win, how and when will I be paid?

If you win, we will arrange for your prize to be paid by PayPal or by direct bank transfer.


Prizes will be paid within 14 days of the event.


Smart Meters

Why do I need a smart meter to sign up?

In order to measure how much you’ve reduced your usage, National Grid insists on each home taking part having a working smart meter.


What if my smart meter’s in-home display isn’t working?

The in-home display isn’t required to be working. We only need the electricity smart meter to be working.


I don’t have a smart meter - how can I get one?

You need to ask your electricity supplier to install a smart meter for you. Most of the major suppliers should be able to arrange installation within a few weeks (depending on location, current demand etc.)



How many events will there be?

This summer there will be ten Turn Down and Save events. Use less energy during these times and you’ll enter a prize draw for £200 each time! Households that successfully take part in all events will also be entered into a ‘carbon hero’ draw for an amazing £2000 at the end of the scheme. Events will take place when the UK’s electricity grid is at its most polluting – typically in the morning and late evening.


What dictates when Loop’s summer Turn Down and Save events are called?

National Grid ESO, in conjunction with partners, publish a carbon intensity forecast for the UK grid. Loop calls events for times where there is a forecast high carbon intensity on the grid. This is based on the national carbon intensity. We expect to call at least 10 events over the summer.


How much notice will I get about each event?

We will send you an email the day before the event to let you know about it.  We’ll also remind you by email on the day of the event before it starts. 


Do I need to sign up to each event?

No, once you opt in to Summer Turn Down and Save we will assume you are taking part in each event.


Will there be a winter Turn Down and Save scheme?

The Winter Turn Down and Save scheme that ran from October 2022 to March 2023 was funded under National Grid ESO’s Demand Flexibility Service. As of July 2023, National Grid ESO are consulting on whether and how to run this service for winter 2023/24. If National Grid ESO choose to run a scheme, then Loop expects to take part and offer a winter Turn Down and Save service to our customers.