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…but not as you know it.  If you don’t switch tariff or change energy provider at the end of your fixed-term deal, you could be wasting up to £300 per year.  Don’t make that mistake!  Switch with Loop. Here’s why…



All of our calculations and suggestions are based on your actual electricity usage data.


Widest possible choice

The end of searching around. We’ll show you all the available tariffs, including the best energy supplier deals and better value options with your own supplier.


Super easy, super convenient

No more excuses. Simply change energy supplier through your Loop app. Then you can forget about it until we tell you it’s time to do it again. We’ve got it covered.

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£ 4,840,000,000

Amount wasted each year in the UK by not switching energy suppliers. (Source: Ofgem - State of the Energy Market 2018)

83 %

Households not switching energy supplier regularly

£ 1254

Standard Variable Tariff Price Cap (Summer 2019)

£ 934

Cheapest available tariff (equivalent usage)

34 %

Difference between the best and worst deals

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Bringing your energy use to life

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Save energy, save money, save the planet.

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