It's time to Turn Down and Save

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Test how solar could work for you, before you invest

Are solar panels worth it? Can they cut your bill? Get your answers with Loop’s solar simulator. 

Accessing up to 13 months of past energy data directly from your smart meter, Loop calculates exactly how self-sufficient you would have been. Experiment with different-sized solar arrays and batteries, all on the free Loop app. 

As energy prices rise, the savings from solar rise with it – every bit of energy you self-consume saves you from buying it. They have a shorter payback time than you might expect and they can significantly cut your carbon footprint too – by 1.6 tonnes each year! Now’s the time to rethink solar.

If you have a smart meter, sign up to Loop for FREE and find out if solar would make sense for you.

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☀️ Is solar right for you?

Test how much solar panels could save you before you invest with our unique solar and battery simulator. Using your energy data, details about your house and weather information, we can show you the actual difference solar power could make to your monthly bills and your reliance on grid energy.

⚡ How self-sufficient could you be?

Our  Solar Playground feature opens up in the app when we have 90 days of data. Depending on how long you’ve had your smart meter this could be available almost immediately. At the push of a button, you can see how self-sufficient your home would be with different-sized solar arrays and battery combinations. Find out what would make the most sense for your household.

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