It's time to Turn Down and Save

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Phantom Load

“Loop is great as it provides a lot of good information, such as trying to work out what is using the electricity when you thought you had turned everything off……only to find that several items on standby mode are draining the power.”



Standby Appliances

“We have a number of digital radios in the house and I didn’t realise they use electricity even though they are off as they have no standby light. I tracked this down while trying to get the repeating the Loop low usage test to see how low I could get it. When I went to unplug them I noticed that despite being off the transformer was still warm.”


High-Energy Culprits

“I think the value of being able to understand the baseline power consumption of the home is really valuable. When we first started monitoring we found that our minimum power consumption probably added up to half of our annual bill. So it is much easier to make a saving by changing what is left turned on or replacing devices with something more efficient. The biggest culprit we found was a set top box that was costing £75 a year in electricity yet we hardly ever used it. We actually use Loop in a holiday property, it gives is a great view of the energy used at different times of year to help us with our pricing. We are also starting to get guests staying who have electric cars, this could clearly have an impact on our costs so it is great to be able to have a view of exactly what things are costing.”

Appliance Ratings

“Loop made me take a better look at my electrical appliances, I realised I could save money by ratings, having a good look around my house ensuring I turned off lights I didn’t need on, I also made sure that no appliances were left on standby. When I purchased new electrical stuff i made sure they were A+++ if possible. Over a period of time I saved money and used less electric.


Seasonal Usage

“Loop helped me understand my seasonal energy usage and help me reduce my consumption. Once I could see the usage trends I started to try and reduce my energy consumption. I replaced bulbs with low energy ones and could monitor the difference, changed the wattage of security light bulbs. But they did work and I did reduce my over energy consumption.”


Cost Impact

“I’ve been able to make a spreadsheet of all electricity consuming devices in my home, essentially by running them for 5 minutes under normal conditions. It was a real eye-opener on how some lights for example were consuming eight times the electricity than others for equivalent brightness, and also that our old tumble dryer was so inefficient it was contributing nearly a third of our monthly bill! In response it was easy to justify the trouble to replace the lights and the tumble dryer with a latest eco model and this has had major savings. The spreadsheet allowed me to calculate the cost per hour of each appliance or light and so it became clear that some lights could be left on without much cost impact.”


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