It's time to Turn Down and Save

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Winter is here. Is your home ready?

With energy costs are high as they are and the days now short and cold, you might be thinking about how to cut your energy bill. To help you take back control, we’ve put together a checklist of tips and tricks that will help you make savings and develop good energy-saving habits. This is your energy-saving ‘couch to 5k’ journey!

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Start your Winter Energy Health Check

  1. Click HERE to download your checklist.
  2. Follow the steps for Week 1. Start by understanding how your home uses energy.
  3. Now for action – in Week 2, follow the simple changes to level up your energy efficiency.
  4. You’re at the finish line! In Week 3, follow the bigger-picture energy-saving changes.


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Week 1: Get your home winter-ready ❄️

If you don’t know how your home uses electricity, then you won’t know which energy-saving changes will make the biggest impact. You can’t control what you don’t measure! In Week 1, we help you understand your usage.

As much as we may think we’re being energy conscious, there are usually steps we can take to waste less energy. Start by finding out how good a grip you have on your home energy use. Then, we’ll show you how to level up!

Week 2: Sharpen your energy instinct ⚡

Your energy instinct is your ability to instinctively know the most energy-efficient way of doing something, so you can assess whether something is expensive to run.

Start by making easy energy-saving steps before the cold sets – it will really make a difference to your bills. Having these low effort, high reward steps in Week 2 ticked off will make sure your home is ready for the bigger energy-saving changes in the future, like adding extra insulation to your home.

Week 3: Become an Energy-Saving Hero 🏆

In Week 3, we show you the final bigger-picture improvements you should consider making, like installing solar panels, electrifying your heating and switching to an electric vehicle. If you’re looking to seriously cut your carbon footprint and make long-term savings, these are the changes to make. Whilst they might not be for everyone right now, they could make perfect sense for some.

If you want to see the actual impact on your home these changes could make for your environmental impact, try our free carbon calculator.