Secure Your 90% Insulation Subsidy This Winter

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Secure Your 90% Insulation Subsidy Before Winter

Upgrade your insulation and make your house warmer and cheaper to run with the Great British Insulation Scheme. Loop in partnership with InstaGroup making insulation upgrades simple.

Are You Eligible for the Great British Insulation Scheme?


Are you a homeowner?


Are your cavity walls uninsulated?


Is your Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating D or below? Check here


Is your home within Council Tax bands A-D? Check here

Are you a YES across the board? 

If so, you’re likely to qualify for a 90% subsidy on your insulation upgrade through the Great British Insulation Scheme. That could mean paying just £200 on a typical £2,000 cavity wall insulation project! We’ve teamed up with leading insulation experts InstaGroup to make your insulation upgrades as easy as possible.

Next steps:

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Add your details and InstaGroup will contact you for a free consultation. 

Unfortunately InstaGroup do not currently cover Devon, Cornwall and Scotland. If you live in these areas, check the scheme homepage.

An average house with poor insulation will cost more than £15 PER DAY to heat on the coldest days this winter so now is the time to act!