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Calculate Your Solar Savings With Loop

Are solar panels worth the investment? At Loop, we’re here to help you make an informed decision with our solar panel calculator and other solar features.

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Discover the Power of Solar

Solar energy has undeniable benefits: savings on electricity bills, reduced environmental impact, energy independence, and more! We understand that installing solar panels is a significant decision, so we’re here to support you every step of the way.

Five mobile app screens showing the Loop solar of daily, weekly and monthly tracking, the solar playground and is solar right for me?

The Solar Simulator: Explained


Loop app screen of solar playground flowchart showing how self sufficient a user could be after installing solar panels and a battery
Loop solar playground app screen with a flow chart showing that a customer could be 62% self sufficient after installing solar panels and a battery

Solar Panel Calculator: How It Works

Our solar panel calculator – the Solar Simulator – helps you explore the true impact of solar panels on your home. At the click of a button, you can see in detail the impact solar panels would have on your electricity consumption over the last days, weeks and months.

Loop’s solar features help you test before you invest – so you know you’re making an informed decision about solar panels.

One Loop solar savings mobile app screen with bar graph showing daily energy used produced from solar and battery power and second Loop solar app screen showing monthly use.

Access Instant Personalised Calculations

No more guesswork or estimation about whether solar panels would make sense for your house. The Solar Simulator uses your energy data, house details, and weather information to provide accurate solar insights, including savings. Visualise how clean, green solar power could transform your monthly bills and reduce your reliance on grid energy.

Loop weekly and monthly electricity use with solar and battery simulation, showing that most of the electricity generated is from solar or battery


8 x 430 W solar panels + 4kWh battery




From £6,700*



Most popular:


12 x 430 W solar panels + 4kWh battery




From £7,600*




16 x 430 W solar panels + 10kWh battery




From £9,900*



* Subject to survey. Price may vary depending on specification of system and scaffolding requirements.

Trusted Solar Panel Installers at Your Fingertips

Loop is proud to partner with trusted solar installers providing expertise, value and top-notch service.

Requesting a personalised solar installation quote is as easy as clicking a button in the app. We’ll connect you with professionals who will guide you through the installation process, ensuring you get the best value for your investment.

If you know you already want solar panels, get fast-tracked for a quote from our solar panel installation experts, Sunsave. 

The Solar Playground: Your Solar Exploration Hub

Take your solar discovery to the next level. The Solar Playground uses a minimum of 90 days of data to calculate your solar self-sufficiency. With smart meters storing up to 13 months of data, most Loop users can use the solar features immediately. Explore different-sized solar arrays and home battery combinations to see how self-sufficient you could become. You might be surprised! 

Loop app screen with breakdown of energy used from solar, battery and the grid in kWh.
Loop daily electricity use app screen showing that solar and battery could save this customer £34.20 on grid spend

Home Battery: Test the Impact

Our Solar Simulator also provides unique insights into the impact of adding a home battery, so you can understand the full potential of your solar energy setup.

See the impact that adding a home battery can make to your solar savings and see how storing your homegrown solar energy can impact your return on investment.  

One Loop app screen with bar graph showing amount of energy used generated by solar and a second screen showing the Loop solar playground with a solar panel and battery simulation

Take the Guesswork Out of Solar Panel Sizing

Calculating the number of solar panels your home requires and whether your home is suitable for solar can be a daunting task. But fear not, Loop has you covered.

Our Solar Simulator and Solar Playground are the tools you need to assess whether your home is a suitable candidate.

Loop Mobile app screen of weekly electricity and solar use on the left and the solar playground on the right


Loop’s solar features have helped many households make an informed decision about solar panels.

Mike - "Very useful app for understanding energy usage and costs"
Read More
Very useful app which pulls together your energy usage data and costs from your supplier's energy account. We recently had a new boiler fitted and we can see month by month the improvement in efficiency and reduction in our gas bills. Looking forward to installing solar panels and we now have real data of electricity usage hour by hour which allows us to understand better how we can take advantage of a solar pv system.
Jon - "Loop app monitors insulation and prompted solar system"
Read More
We installed the Loop app to help us monitor the effect that recently installed External Wall Insulation has had on our gas usage. It was easy to set up and once we got into the colder months it was easy to see the reduction in gas usage (substantial). I then started playing with the solar simulation. The result is that we have taken out Scottish Homes Energy Support loan to install PV panels, battery and immersion heater control. The installation will take place later this year. We might have got there in the end but the Loop app gave us the confidence to go ahead as quickly as we have done. A really useful and easy to use app.
Bryan - "Solar modelling"
Read More
A great app which has allowed me to model my solar and battery usage/savings before committing. Simple to use and really helpful.
Paul - "Easy to use app with a lot of information"
Read More
Easy to use app gives great insight too energy usage. Downloaded this app as my energy supplier app is terrible. I can look at 30 minute segments to see how much energy is being used by different appliances. The solar + battery option has shown me the savings I could make by investing in solar panels. This makes it very easier to see the return on investment.

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