Install Solar Panels with Loop and Sunsave

Indicative costs provided below.

Fastest Payback Ever for Solar Panels - Act Now!

How long do you think solar panels would take to pay for themselves?

Ten years? Fifteen? How about less than SEVEN, thanks to keen pricing and the persistent high price of energy. This is one of the shortest solar payback periods we’ve ever seen. If you’re considering a solar installation, now’s the time to act.

If you need more convincing, our new blog article dives into the detail.

Looking for a solar installer in your area? Complete the form below and skip the queue for a solar installation quote from Sunsave, our trusted solar partner. If you proceed with the installation, you’ll also receive some free GivEnergy smart plugs as a small thank you. 

Sunsave is a tech-driven solar and battery company serving the whole of England and Wales. They are a Which? Trusted Trader and rated EXCELLENT on Trustpilot. 

Your Solar + Battery Options

To give you an upfront guide to the costs and savings, we’ve calculated costs and savings for a small, medium and large solar array coupled with a medium home battery in a typical Loop home.


8 x 430 W solar panels + 5.8kWh battery




From £6,800*



Most popular:


12 x 430 W solar panels + 5.8kWh battery




From £8,200*




16 x 430 W solar panels + 5.8kWh battery




From £9,000*



* Subject to survey. Price may vary depending on specification of system and scaffolding requirements. 

Book Your Call-Back

To get your personalised solar savings, book a quick, no-obligation call-back below. A solar specialist from Sunsave will create a solar design for your house, complete with savings and costs, then run through it with you on a short call. 

Rest assured, there’s no hard sell, but if you do proceed with the installation you’ll also receive free GivEnergy smart plugs as a small thank you.


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Get Solar Sorted: Loop and Sunsave making solar installations easy

At Loop, our mission is to help households reduce their carbon emissions through changes to their energy use. Solar can make a big difference, with an average installation knocking 1.6 tonnes off household emissions every year. That’s why we’re working with Sunsave to make solar installations easy. 

Sunsave aim to help households take control of their energy bills, while also creating a cleaner, greener Britain.

We share the belief that the best way to do this is by making the power of solar accessible to all.

One Loop app screen with bar graph showing amount of energy used generated by solar and a second screen showing the Loop solar playground with a solar panel and battery simulation
Loop Mobile app screen of weekly electricity and solar use on the left and the solar playground on the right

Still deciding about a solar installation?

Test before you invest. If you’re unsure about the impact solar panels could make to your household, Loop’s in-app solar features have the answers. They are your key to informed decision-making.  

By analysing your energy data, home details, and weather patterns, Loop calculates the potential impact that installing solar panels would make on your monthly energy bills and self-sufficiency.

See how much of your monthly electricity bill could be covered by solar.

Try adding a battery and see what difference that makes to your savings.

Understand how different numbers of solar panels and different sizes of home batteries can change your self-sufficiency.

Loop App Solar Screen showing bar graph of energy consumption over a week where most of it is generated with solar and battery power

The Solar Installation Process

Once you’ve made your decision to install solar panels, Sunsave will guide you through the entire process. From initial quote to design, installation to final setup, you’re in safe hands.

You don’t have to be a Loop user to submit the form above, but if you have a smart meter, it takes less than 5 minutes to set up a Loop account. Join thousands of households saving 15% or more on their energy bills. Download Loop today.

Loop Weekly electricity use bar graph showing that most electricity is generated from solar and battery

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One Loop solar savings mobile app screen with bar graph showing daily energy used produced from solar and battery power and second Loop solar app screen showing monthly use.

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