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Don’t take our word for it! Read what our amazing users think of Loop.

Loop is Trusted by Thousands

We’re very proud to be rated Excellent on TrustPilot by our satisfied users. Their positive reviews speak volumes for how easy it is to smash your energy bills with Loop. Read about real Loop users’ energy-saving experiences below.   

Susan - "A brilliant app"
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A brilliant app for monitoring energy usage. I downloaded the Loop app as my IHD unit is faulty and my energy company has not yet resolved the problem. It is great to be back in control of my energy usage via the Loop app. I will definitely recommend the Loop app to friends and family.
Colin - "Great little app - install it now"
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Great little app - which actually works to give an accurate reading on your gas & electric consumption. Absolutely brilliant - really easy to use & while on holiday checked it out & could not fathom why I was using gas but I found out I had a boiler setting which heated a small water storage unit so when I returned I switched it off.
Cambpell - "Really useful app!"
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I cannot recommend use of this app enough. It has saved us thousands of pounds when our previous energy supplier attempted to charge us a ridiculous amount of money over a year after they claimed it had been used. By having the app on my phone I had comprehensive records and proof to go back and query this with them. In the end, once questioned and they realised I actually had records of our usage over that time period they soon amended all the readings and it turned out they owed us money rather than the reverse. Had I not had the app I wouldn't have even been able to start querying this random year old bill with them and would have had no choice but to take the suppliers word for it and pay the money they claimed we owed.
Mike - "Very useful app for understanding energy usage and costs "
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Very useful app which pulls together your energy usage data and costs from your supplier's energy account. We recently had a new boiler fitted and we can see month by month the improvement in efficiency and reduction in our gas bills. Looking forward to installing solar panels and we now have real data of electricity usage hour by hour which allows us to understand better how we can take advantage of a solar pv system.
Barry - "I didn’t get a smart meter home display…"
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I didn't get a smart meter home display when my meter was installed so this app is perfect. Keeps a check on what I'm using and when, daily, monthly and yearly usage and cost. Gives practical and achievable suggestions on how to cut usage and save money. Loop keeps me completely up to date and even if you have a home display I'd still recommend you get Loop. For me, it's perfect.
Colin - "The Loop Energy app just works well"
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The Loop Energy app just works well. Provides useful data, quite unlike my SMETS1 IHD, which is next to useless and I have not used it almost since the meter was first installed. The app provides detailed info going back a year so can be used to do a year to year comparison if you record the readings. I do it monthly and we have saved between 10 and 20% of energy most months, just by turning off unnecessary lights etc.

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Loop User Stories

Round Turn Down and Save logo on black background

James’ Story: Taking Part In Turn Down and Save

James* has been a Loop customer since July 2022. He first heard about Turn Down and Save on social media, when he was researching solar PV, in an effort for him and his family to be more sustainable and greener. 

Circular badge with pink bar chart inside and white border reading Reduced my Energy Use

Alice’s Story: Understanding My Energy Use

Motivated to gain deeper insights into her gas and electricity consumption, Alice* turned to Loop to analyse her energy usage more effectively. Without her smart meter in-home display, she had previously been unable to gauge her consumption.

Circular badge with LED bulb inside with border reading Swapped Halogens for LEDs

Understanding Phantom Load: How to Save on Wasted Energy

Callum*, a recent Loop user after the installation of his smart meter, has undergone a significant energy revolution within just four months. Leveraging Loop’s functionalities, he’s achieved remarkable savings of up to £40 monthly.