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Callum’s Story: Easy Energy Saving

Callum*, a recent Loop user after the installation of his smart meter, has undergone a significant energy revolution within just four months. Leveraging Loop’s functionalities, he’s achieved remarkable savings of up to £40 monthly on his energy bills, a transformative shift in his household’s energy consumption.

The app’s comparison data became a valuable tool for Callum, enabling him to finely tune his energy use and successfully reducing his baseload by an impressive 20%. This newfound awareness sparked a series of impactful changes in his energy habits. 

This included purchasing two electric vehicles, swapping halogen bulbs for energy-efficient LEDS and cutting down on his family’s use of electronics like gaming devices. He also bought an air fryer with dual functions, so he didn’t have to use the oven and now only uses the hob when needed. 

To lower his energy usage further, Callum reduced the number of unnecessary security lights and cameras, after discovering that they were using 100kwh a night.

* All users real names have been changed


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