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The Loop smart meter app analyses your energy data and shows you easy ways to use less.  On average, Loop users cut their electricity use by 10%!  Whether you’re looking to cut your carbon footprint or just save some money, if you have a smart meter you can enjoy all Loop’s energy-saving features FOR FREE by linking Loop to your smart meter. The cheapest and greenest energy is the energy you don’t use!


A smarter meter is here!

With Loop, you can track your usage so you know exactly how much electricity you’re using and how much it’s costing you.  Get access to smart insights like how much you’ve spent today vs this week, and even how you compare against other households like yours.

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Any questions?

You can find the answers to many Loop Smart Meter FAQs on our Knowledge Base or alternatively email Loop Support on [email protected].

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Easy ways to save!


Become an energy-saving hero

Simply seeing how much your electricity use is costing you each day has an impact on how much you use. It’s called the “feedback effect” and can cut your usage dramatically.


Turn off the always-on

Phantom Load is our name for the stuff you leave on all the time. Understand what this is costing you and then make smart choices about which things to turn off. Simple. In some homes, this could be as much as £450!


Homegrown energy is cheapest

It doesn’t get any cheaper, or cleaner, than the energy you generate at home! Find out if it makes sense for you before investing with Loop’s unique solar simulator.

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