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Loop Integration with Alexa

If you have an Alexa-enabled device at home, link the Loop skill and access Amazon’s Energy Dashboard. Ask Alexa how much energy you’re using, energy-saving tips and more.

Alexa logo on light blue background on top of the Loop logo on black background

What is Amazon's Energy Dashboard?

Embark on your energy-saving journey with Amazon’s Energy Dashboard, powered by the Loop Alexa Skill. This innovative tool allows you to effortlessly monitor and control your energy usage through voice commands, creating a more intuitive and connected experience.

Do More With Your Energy Data

Make the most of the Loop and Alexa Skills integration to revolutionise your energy monitoring experience. Stay in control of your energy consumption and costs, avoid bill shock, and embrace a smarter, voice-powered approach to managing your energy consumption.

Simply ask Alexa how much energy you’ve used today, this week, today, over the last month, in gas or electricity, energy-saving tips and more.

Alexa Echo device with Loop weekly electricity tracking bar graph on the dashboard

How to Link Loop with Alexa

Empower your smart meter experience by linking Loop with Alexa. Follow these simple steps to seamlessly integrate Loop with your Alexa-enabled devices:

Sign Up to Loop (It’s free!)

Join the Loop community by signing up for your free account. Gain access to your smart meter.

Link Loop in Minutes

Once registered, the process of linking Loop to Alexa takes just a few minutes. Simply log into your Loop account via your Alexa app.

Navigate to Alexa App Skills & Games

If you already have the Alexa app on your phone, navigate to More > Skills & Games. Search for ‘Loop Energy’ to locate and launch the Loop skill.

Follow On-Screen Instructions

Launch the Loop skill and follow the on-screen instructions to seamlessly link your Loop account with Alexa.

Activate Loop with a Simple Voice Command

Open the Loop skill by saying, “Alexa, open Loop Energy,” and begin asking your energy-related questions. Enjoy the convenience of both seeing and hearing your energy insights.