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Cut Carbon Emissions with EcoMeter

Changing when you use energy can impact your carbon footprint. Loop’s EcoMeter, a green energy forecast, helps simplify sustainable living.

  • Green ecometer graph
  • Loop mobile phone app of the Ecometer on an orange background
  • Ecometer card showing the greenest time to use energy is between 13:00 and 18:30
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Five phone screens with the Loop Ecometer app screen with different colour gradients from dark green to dark red showing the carbon grid intensity


Loop Ecometer app screen showing UK grid carbon intensity bar graph
Loop Ecometer app showing grid carbon intensity graph falling from polluting to green on dark green background

The Impact of Carbon Insights

When it comes to making a positive environmental impact, using energy at strategic times can be more powerful overall than making other green changes.

Carrying a reusable coffee cup and tote bag is all part of leading a sustainable lifestyle, but the impact of simply choosing greener times to use your appliances is significant in comparison. Not to mention, it’s a no-cost solution. 

All it takes is developing a habit. In the same way you check the weather to see if you need to take an umbrella, simply check the carbon intensity with Loop’s EcoMeter to see the greenest times to run your dishwasher. That’s why we call this your “green energy forecast”. 

Three horizontal divisions of green, orange and red that read Ecometer Grid Carbon Forecast

How The EcoMeter Works

Loop’s EcoMeter shows live grid carbon intensity and a 24-hour forecast. In other words, how clean or dirty the grid is right now and what pollution levels from electricity generation are expected to be over the next day. Armed with this information you can make easy, impactful, eco-friendly choices. 

Accessing real-time carbon insights allows you to rethink the timing of energy-intensive tasks, such as running your dishwasher or charging your electric vehicle. Aligning these activities with times when more renewable energy is being generated can help you lead a more sustainable lifestyle.

Loop Ecometer app screen with dark green background
Loop Ecometer mobile app screen forecasting greenest grid energy between 10 and 12 o'clock

Transform Your Energy Habits

As you continuously monitor your energy consumption patterns with Loop, you become more aware of your habits.

This heightened awareness inspires positive energy-saving behaviors like turning off lights and unplugging standby appliances. On average, Loop users cut their energy use by 15%, equating to a carbon saving of 250kg CO2e.

You might then be ready to take on bigger carbon-cutting measures like installing solar panels. They could cut your carbon footprint by 1.6 tonnes each and every year!

The Impact Of Sustainable Living

Loop’s EcoMeter empowers you with factual insights that enable meaningful conversations about carbon intensity and sustainable energy practices. By sharing your knowledge, you play a pivotal role in nurturing a global shift in mindset toward responsible energy use. Knowledge is power, and we all have the power to set an example for others to follow.

What Else Can Loop Do?

Loop weekly and monthly electricity use with solar and battery simulation, showing that most of the electricity generated is from solar or battery

Calculate Solar Savings

Are you interested in installing solar panels? With our solar panel calculator – the Solar Simulator – you can explore the impact solar panels and a home battery could make for your home. Then, see your self-sufficiency score with our Solar Playground.

At the click of a button, you can see in detail the impact solar panels would have made to your electricity use over days, weeks, months and years. 


Loop has helped thousands of users save money on their energy bills.

Kay - "I like the fact it has tips..."
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I like the fact it has tips for lowering your energy, I have always been energy conscious but the cost has now become more of an issue than it was but my main reason is my granddaughter's, in a world that needs to reduce its carbon footprint for there future and loop is trying to help people cut back on cost and help the environment.
Mark - "Clear, intuituve and easy..."
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Clear, intuitive and easy. It displays what you need without fuss. The app also offers tips and tricks written clearly and concisely meaning that you can dig into topics as much or as little as you want. The solar and battery simulator is also useful and fun and I really like the way the app describes the mix of energy sources that are being used. A great app that I'm keeping for the foreseeable!

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