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Track your electricity use over hours, days, weeks, months and years. Our clever new app shows you accurate costs and real-time electricity usage so you can see the positive effect of changes you make.

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Five out of six households don’t switch energy supplier regularly, wasting £4bn per year. With Loop you won’t have to be one of them. Switching solved.

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Our new app shows you easy ways to use less electricity, saving you money and reducing your impact on the environment.

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Hunt for Phantoms

Do you know how much the stuff you leave turned on or plugged in is costing you?

Slay the Phantom!


Could solar work for you?

Ever wondered whether solar panels and a home battery would make sense for you?

Get your answer with Loop

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£ 4,840,000,000

That's how much UK households waste each year by not switching their energy deal (Source: Ofgem - State of the Energy Market 2018)

83 %

Households not switching energy supplier regularly

£ 1254

Standard Variable Tariff Price Cap (Summer 2019)

£ 934

Cheapest available tariff (equivalent usage)

34 %

The difference between the best and worst deals

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