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Save Money on Your Energy Bills

If you’re looking to save money on your energy bills, the first step is to understand how your home is using energy. Here are 6 ways Loop can help cut your bills.


1. Track Your Energy Usage

Have you ever wondered how much energy is being consumed in your home at this very moment? From running appliances like washing machines to the subtle hum of devices in the background, energy usage can often go unnoticed. 

With Loop you have the ability to precisely track your energy use. This insight empowers you to take control of your bills, identify areas for reduction, and steer clear of costly surprises.

2. Say Goodbye to Bill Shock

Similar to managing finances, the cost of energy is often overlooked until you’re confronted with a significant bill. To start the journey towards lower costs, the first step is to understand your household’s current consumption. 

An energy-saving app like Loop is an invaluable tool, allowing you to understand your energy habits and make informed decisions about which changes to make. On average, Loop users reduce their energy use by 15%. That’s a saving of around £250.

Square with bold shadowed text reading on average loop users reduce their energy use by 15%
Smart meter in-home display device in front of a mobile screen showing the Loop app's daily electricity use tracking screen

3. Unlock Your Energy Data

While smart meters are becoming commonplace, their primary function is to eliminate manual meter readings. They might not offer a comprehensive solution for those trying to reduce the cost of their energy bills.

Tools like Loop quickly and easily integrate with your smart meter to provide enhanced functionality and personalised insights into your energy use. Loop not only monitors your consumption, it guides you to make informed decisions about using less.

4. Manage Your Energy Costs

Budgeting is crucial to stay in control of your costs. In the free Loop app it’s easy to monitor your energy consumption across hours, days, weeks, months, and even years. 

Loop analyses this data, to give you a clear understanding of your regular energy use and associated costs. Knowing this means you’re better equipped to set realistic energy budgets and stay on target.

Pink bar graph with magnifying glass looking closer at it
Black phantom graphic with three pink triangles on either side of it on a dark blue background

5. Reduce Your Phantom Load

Loop helps to reduce your costs by introducing you to your  ‘Phantom Load‘—the wasted electricity in your home.  Cutting this can significantly impact your energy costs. Wasted energy makes up 30% of your bill. 

With Loop, you can identify the devices that don’t need to be constantly on or in standby mode and learn how to manage them more efficiently.

6. Detect Faulty Appliances

When you know what ‘normal’ usage looks like for your home, you can pinpoint any faulty or older, inefficient devices adding to your bills.

From over-sensitive security lights which could cost you up to £44 each year, to faulty set-top box recorders which could add £132 to your bill annually, Loop helps you prevent unnecessary expenses.

Faulty TV with multicoloured stripes on pink circular background

What Else Can Loop Do?

Loop mobile app screen showing monthly electricity use through pink gradient bars and monthly spend of £40.72 and 198kWh

How Much Are Your Applinaces Costing to Run?

Loop goes beyond basic energy monitoring. We help you delve deeper into your household’s energy data so you can understand the running costs of your appliances.

With this knowledge, you can make informed decisions about how to use your things more efficiently. It’s crucial if you want to save money on your energy bill.


Loop has helped thousands of users save money on their energy bills.

Colin - "The Loop energy app just works well"
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The Loop Energy app just works well. Provides useful data, quite unlike my SMETS1 IHD, which is next to useless and I have not used it almost since the meter was first installed. The app provides detailed info going back a year so can be used to do a year-to-year comparison if you record the readings. I do it monthly and we have saved between 10 and 20% of energy most months, just by turning off unnecessary lights etc.
Rosanna - "This is a great app and has been saving..."
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This is a great app and has been saving me money on my utility bills since using it. I tried a number of apps before coming across Loop and it is by far the easiest and most accurate. I’ve even been able to challenge my energy supplier, as they were miscalculating my usage and overcharging and inflating my monthly direct debits. The energy-saving challenges are also really helpful which has again reduced my usage.
Robert - "Home energy consumption with hunts and tips on your mobile device"
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Loop is a great app that allows you to monitor your energy consumption from your mobile device without the need for a smart display. A smart meter is required but having access on your mobile device is a real bonus. In addition, loop gives valuable recommendations on how to save energy. I find daily and monthly comparisons extremely useful.
Ian - "I have installed this app..."
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I have Installed this app on my partners and my phone (live in different houses), my partner recently had a meter exchange, when the current bill arrived it was more than double the normal. By using the data on the energy providers app and this app we were able to confirm the correct data and work out that the provider data was out by over 600kwh due to wrong data being entered Thanks to this app we were able to get the bill corrected which meant we were overcharged by over £200.