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Explore our expertly curated guides and resources aimed at maximising the benefits of Loop.  From practical energy-saving tips to strategic energy insights, our guides cover a spectrum of topics tailored to your needs. 


Energy Advice

Why Is My Energy Bill So High?

High energy costs can be overwhelming. Understanding why your bill has surged is the first step towards gaining control over your expenses and reducing them.

How to Save Money On Your Energy Bills

 Any household can make savings from some simple efficiency changes. If you’re only going to do a few things to cut your energy bills, these are the steps to take.
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Beginners Guide to Loop

We want to help you get the most from Loop’s unique features. The better you can use Loop, the more you’ll reduce your energy bills and your carbon footprint.

What is a Smart Meter?

Are smart meters worth it? Whether you’re contemplating the switch or seeking ways to maximise the benefits, these are the Pros and Cons of getting a smart meter.

Cut your gas bill with this simple hack! You could reduce it by 12%, all without changing the temperature of your home. This simple setting change can make an impact.


Solar Panels

Are Solar Panels Worth It?

 Long-term energy security, lower bills and reduced emissions are just some of the reasons why solar is booming. Here’s a roundup of the benefits.

The Economics of Solar

Having solar installed is probably cheaper and easier than you think. With current energy prices, the payback period is likely to be shorter than you were expecting too.

The Ultimate Solar Panel Buying Guide

From understanding the benefits of solar panels, to navigating installation and beyond – here’s everything you need to know about solar.

Debunking Solar Myths: The Truth About Solar Panels

Could you be letting outdated opinions overshadow the potential of solar energy? Separate fact from fiction so you can make an informed decision about solar.

Moving Home With Solar Panels

Don’t let the prospect of moving put you off the benefits of solar – and you don’t need to wait until your ‘forever home’ either. Here’s all you need to know.

The Smart Export Guarantee (SEG): Explained

If you’re considering installing solar panels at home, and want to make them as cost-effective as possible, then you’ll need to know about the SEG!

Solar Panel Maintanence

Proper care ensures your solar panels stay efficient and reliable for years to come! There’s not much to it, so don’t let the upkeep put you off making the swap.

Is Your Roof Suitable for Solar Panels?

If you’re curious to know whether your roof is a good fit for solar panels, our comprehensive guide will help you evaluate the key factors.

How Much Could You Save With Solar?

Discover everything you need to know about the financial aspects of going solar. From initial investment to long-term, savings, we’re breaking down the numbers.

Solar Panel Installation Process

It’s a common misconception that installing solar panels is a lengthy, complicated process filled with administrative hurdles.

Solar Panel Payback

The payback period for solar is shorter than ever, at under 7 years for a typical home. With the panels warranted for up to 25 years, that’s years of free electricity.

Solar Panel Efficiency

Maximising sunlight is the primary way to increase solar panel efficiency, but there are some simple checks to ensure this before and after you get solar installed. 

Home Batteries: Savings Beyond Solar

Delve into why you should consider investing in a home battery system, explore the potential savings, and learn how to embark on your home battery journey.

Want to learn more about solar panels?

Whether you’re curious about the benefits of solar energy, want to understand the installation process, or are eager to learn about the latest innovations in the solar industry, we’ve got you covered. Our newsletter is packed with expert insights, helpful tips, and answers to all your burning questions about solar power.

Are you considering solar panels? Discover how Tim used Loop to determine the benefits of solar energy for his home and to find a trusted installer.


Appliance Costs

How Much Do Your Appliances Cost to Run?

We’re here to help you use your appliances efficiently. Understanding the financial impact of running everyday devices is crucial to save money on your energy bill.

How to Reduce Wasted Energy

Are your energy bills higher than expected? The answer could lie in the hidden culprit known as “Phantom Load” – our name for wasted energy.

How to Hunt Out Your Energy-Wasting Devices

Want to find out how much each appliance in your home is costing you? Go on a Loop Snoop – our name for the hunt which helps you uncover energy-wasting devices.

Running Appliances on Eco-Mode

Are your appliances switched to eco-mode? If not, you’re paying over the odds every time you use them. Speaking to Loop users, 15% aren’t aware of the benefits.


How to Make Your Home Warmer

If you want to cut heating costs, you don’t need to sacrifice comfort or spend lots of money making improvements. Simply make these changes.

Guide to 90% Insulation Upgrade

Make your house warmer and cheaper to run with the Great British Insulation Scheme. Loop and our trusted insulation partner are making upgrades simple.

Green Tech

How To Get a Zero Energy Bill Home

Once you’ve improved the energy efficiency of your home, go one step further and reduce your energy bills to zero by making the most of green technology.

How To Cut Your Carbon Footprint

The first step to reducing your carbon footprint is understanding the size of it and what’s contributing. Then, you’ll know which changes can really make a difference.

The Energy Doctor

The Case for Stand-Alone Home Batteries

Home batteries, also known as solar batteries, are emerging as essential components of modern homes. But it’s not only solar households that can benefit.

Compare Energy Use: Are Your a Big Spender?

You may know how much energy your household uses each year, and at what cost. But have you any idea how that compares to other, similar homes?

Are you looking for ways to save energy during the colder months? Our Energy Doctor shares his top tips to make simple savings on your energy bills.


Have you lowered you boiler’s flow temperature yet? If you have a combi boiler it should be at the top of your to-do list. The Energy Doctor explains why.


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