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Solar Panel Maintanence

Proper care ensures your solar panels stay efficient and reliable for years to come! There’s not much to it, so don’t let the upkeep put you off making the swap to clean energy.


Don’t Trust Solar Panel Maintenance Rumours…It’s Easy!

Contrary to popular belief, solar panels require minimal maintenance. While they may need occasional cleaning to remove dirt, dust, or debris – as this can reduce their efficiency, there are no moving parts that require regular servicing. 

A common worry is that birds will nest underneath the panels, but installations now come with excluders to prevent this. Solar panels come with a 25-year warranty that covers maintenance and repairs to provide peace of mind.

Top 4 Solar Panel Maintenance Tips

Regular Cleaning

Dust, dirt, and bird droppings can reduce your panels’ efficiency by blocking sunlight. Clean them with water and a soft brush or hire a professional.

Bird Proofing

Birds nesting under your panels can cause significant damage and even fire hazards due to pecked wires. Install mesh or bird spikes to keep them away.

Annual Inspections

Schedule yearly check-ups with a professional to ensure all components, including inverters and mounts, are in good shape. They can spot potential issues like loose wiring, corroded connections, or degraded materials before they become problems.

Monitoring Performance

Use monitoring apps or check your inverter display to keep track of your system’s performance. A sudden drop in efficiency might signal an issue. Many modern solar systems come with monitoring software that alerts you to any performance issues.

Doctor with blue spiky hair and shiny glasses with writing saying The Energy Doctor Says:

“Don’t let the thought of maintenance deter you from getting solar panels. With a little regular upkeep, they can provide clean, reliable energy for decades. Modern systems are designed to be low-maintenance, and the benefits far outweigh the effort involved.” 

Expert advice from the Energy Doctor

Top 5 Common Issues and Solutions

Inverter Problems

The inverter – the clever piece of equipment that converts the direct current (DC) from your solar panels into alternating current (AC) that you can use in your home – will generally need to be replaced once during the lifetime of the panels. Keeping your inverter clean and cool can extend its lifespan.


Trees or new buildings can cast shadows, reducing output. Trim overhanging branches and watch for potential new obstructions. Even partial shading can significantly impact your system’s efficiency. 

Loose Connections

Weather and vibrations can loosen connections over time. Ensure they’re tight during annual inspections. Loose connections can lead to electrical faults, so regularly inspect and tighten all connections, especially after severe weather events.

Panel Damage

Hail, falling branches, or debris can crack or damage your panels. Inspect your panels after storms and clear off any debris that may have accumulated. Damaged panels should be replaced promptly to maintain the system’s efficiency.

Roof Integrity

Your roof should be in good condition before installing solar panels. Regularly inspect the roof for leaks or structural issues. Address any problems promptly to prevent damage to both your roof and your panels.

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