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The Ultimate Solar Panel Buying Guide

From understanding the benefits of solar panels, to navigating installation and beyond – this solar panel buying guide equips you with the knowledge and resources to embrace solar energy confidently.


Top 10 Things to Consider Before Installing Solar Panels

1. The Benefits for Your Home

Solar panels are an increasingly popular sight on rooftops across the UK, and for good reason. While reducing carbon emissions is a driving force behind many installations – a typical solar array reduces carbon emissions by 1.6 tonnes annually – the financial benefits are also compelling. As energy costs continue to rise, green tech like solar panels offer a smart investment opportunity for homeowners.

2. The Costs and Savings

Every unit of electricity you self-consume saves you from buying from the grid. That’s why installing solar panels is a great move if you’re looking to future-proof your home from fluctuating energy costs. The most popular solar panel and battery setup consists of 12 x 430W solar panels, and a 5.8kWh battery. This would give you yearly savings of over £1,000!

3. Your Roof Suitability

The ideal home would have a south-facing roof, angled between 30 and 50 degrees and free of shading. However, north, east or west-facing roofs only lose around 15% efficiency compared to a south-facing roof – and new tech is increasingly helping to make up the difference.

4. The Payback Period

The payback period for solar and battery is now shorter than ever, at under 7 years for a typical home. With the panels warranted for up to 25 years and the battery at least 10, it means years of free electricity. It boils down to two factors: declining equipment costs and soaring electricity prices. 

5. The Installation Process

The process can seem daunting but with Loop and Sunsave, our trusted installation partner, it’s never been easier. Simply register for your solar panel quote and if you like what you see, Sunsave will take you on the next step of your solar journey to arrange your home survey. This is where you’ll get a finalised price and contract. If you’ve decide to go ahead, your system could be installed in a matter of months!

6. The Smart Export Guarentee

The Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) is a government-backed scheme that allows households with solar panels to get paid for any excess electricity they export back to the grid. By installing a solar panel system that meets certain requirements, homeowners can sign up with an energy supplier offering an SEG tariff. The SEG provides a financial incentive to adopt solar power, helping make the switch to clean energy more accessible and economically viable for many UK households.

Install Solar Panels With Loop and Sunsave

Ready to harness the power of the sun and take control of your energy bills? Look no further than Loop and Sunsave for your solar panel installation needs. With our trusted partnership, we’re making solar easy and hassle-free.

From initial consultation to seamless installation, our expert teams ensure a smooth transition to clean, renewable energy. Join countless homeowners who are benefiting from solar!

7. Selecting an Installer

When selecting a solar panel installer, it’s crucial to choose one that is certified by the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS). This certification is a prerequisite for benefiting from the Smart Export Guarantee, which allows you to receive payments for any excess electricity you generate.

At Loop, we understand the importance of working with reputable and trustworthy partners that abide to all the nessisary certification. That’s why we have carefully partnered with Sunsave, a well-established and respected installer.

8. Upkeep and Maintainance

Contrary to popular belief, solar panels require minimal maintenance. While they may need occasional cleaning to remove dirt, dust, or debris – as this can reduce their efficiency, there are no moving parts that require regular servicing. A common worry is that birds will nest underneath the panels, but installations now come with excluders to prevent this. Solar panels come with a 25-year warranty that covers maintenance and repairs to provide peace of mind.

9. Installing a Home Battery

The advantages of home batteries extend far beyond just pairing them with solar panels. Even without a solar installation, integrating a stand-alone battery system can unlock substantial savings and heighten your energy independence. These innovative storage solutions, often referred to as solar batteries, are rapidly becoming essential components of modern, sustainable households. 

10. What if I Plan to Move?

Solar panels are an attractive feature for potential buyers, offering lower electricity bills and a smaller carbon footprint. To ensure a smooth transition when you come to sell, gather all relevant documentation including installation details, warranties, and MCS certification. If you’ve purchased the panels outright – which is not out of the question as the payback period is now around 7 years – transferring the roof lease to the new owner is relatively straightforward with a ‘deed of variation’.