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Solar Panel Installation Process

It’s a common misconception that installing solar panels is a lengthy, complicated process filled with administrative hurdles. That’s why we’re here to clear that up!


Your Step-by-Step Installation Guide

Installing solar panels is simpler and quicker than you might think, and it shouldn’t deter you from swapping to this clean, green energy source!

Knowing the process will give you confidence and peace of mind – and it might be different to what you first thought!

So to start, here’s a breakdown of the steps your installer should take:

Check if you need planning permission.

This is unlikely for many UK households as rooftop solar usually falls under the homeowner’s permitted development rights.

Property assessment & survey.

This will evaluate the condition of your roof, the orientation angle and shading.

System design.

This is where your installer will decide on the number of panels and their location – as well as practicalities like the scaffolding needed.

Property modifications.

If your battery and inverter fit in your garage or in hidden spaces like under the stairs, you won’t need to make adjustments. 

Kit delivery.

Usually, your equipment will arrive the week before your installation.

Scaffolding erection.

Your scaffolding will also be put up around a week before and taken down a week after completion. 

Installation day(s).

This will take between one and three days – it will be over before you know it! 

Testing and activation.

Your installer will test the system to make sure it’s working correctly and matches the plans before commissioning the system. 

Registering for a solar export tariff.

After your solar system has been commissioned, connected to your smart meter and certified by the MCS, you can sign up to a solar tariff.

Monitoring and maintenance.

Continue to make sure your solar panels are working efficiently post-installation.

Doctor with blue spiky hair and shiny glasses with writing saying The Energy Doctor Says:

“To make the most of solar energy, we need to clear up misunderstandings. Installing solar panels is easy and a step towards living sustainably. Each panel helps create a cleaner and brighter future.”

Expert advice from the Energy Doctor

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