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Trust Power: The Makers of Loop

We’re a purpose-led organisation on a mission to accelerate the decarbonisation of UK households.

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Loop app screen welcome page with the loop logo in the middle and login and create account buttons at the bottom

About Trust Power

Trust Power is the data and technology business behind Loop. We empower households to take control of their energy use with smart data-driven insights to help cut carbon emissions.

Our parent company Low Carbon enables large-scale renewable energy generation to fight climate change. Their ambition is to have a world powered entirely by renewable energy.

Whilst Low Carbon creates renewable energy at scale, Loop helps households to use as little of it as possible. We work on different approaches to one shared goal.

Loop mobile app screen showing pink bar graph of daily electricity use

The Loop App

Through Loop, Trust Power delivers immersive, personal energy usage data and advice. This enables users to make informed decisions about how they use energy at home. 

Loop helps users track their energy consumption and costs, empowering them to make changes that will positively impact their energy bills and carbon footprint. On average, Loop users cut their energy use by 15% and save around 250kg CO2e per year.

Loop app screen of daily electricity use bar graph tracker