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Calculate Your Carbon Footprint

Loop’s free carbon footprint calculator helps you discover the practical ways to cut your household’s impact.

  • Loop carbon calculator app screen with bar graph showing tonnes of c02 produced by electricity, heating, car and solar
  • White box titled 'net zero' and 'your c02 emissions' showing the customer's yearly precited c02 emissions of 527kg
  • Pink button with lightning bolt electricity graphic in the middle
  • Yellow button with sun graphic in the middle
  • Blue button with gas flame graphic
  • White cloud cartoon
  • White cloud cartoon


Loop phone app screen of carbon calculator with bar graph showing how much carbon you can save
Loop carbon calculator app screen bar graph showing tonnes of carbon produced by electricity, heating, car and amount of carbon saved by installing solar

Lower Your Household's Carbon Footprint

Our carbon footprint calculator shows you the profound and personalised impact of making green home improvements: Increasing efficiency, installing solar panels, improving insulation, and transitioning to electric heating and transport. 

Loop phone app screen reading 'How to achieve net-zero with Loop'

Offset Your Emissions the Right Way

Making tangible green home improvements is not only more sustainable but also far more impactful than simply relying on carbon offsetting. Take your carbon footprint into your own hands and improve your household’s environmental impact. 

Loop net-zero app screen detailing how you can achieve net-zero through generating solar energy, insulating and electrifying vehicles
One Loop app screen with a questionnaire asking 'How do you heat your home' with the option 'mains gas' selected. Second app screen asks to select how many bedrooms you have.
Two Loop Journey to Net Zero questionnaire app screens with the first asking the customer 'how do you heat your home' and the answer selected as 'mains gas' and the second screen asking 'how many bedrooms do you have?' with the answer selected as '2-3'

Create Your Net-Zero Plan

Simply provide a few details about your home and transportation habits. Then, Loop will create a net-zero plan tailored to your household. Understanding your current carbon footprint is a crucial starting point to size up the scale of your challenge. Achieve a net-zero house and beyond!

The Power of Green Choices

Every household has the potential to play a vital role in addressing the climate crisis. Let Loop show you how to take the first step to understand and reduce your carbon footprint. Together, we can create a sustainable future.

The Power of Green Choices

Every household has the potential to play a vital role in addressing the climate crisis. Let Loop show you how to take the first step to understand and reduce your carbon footprint. Together, we can create a sustainable future.

What Else Can Loop Do?

Loop mobile app screen showing monthly electricity use through pink gradient bars and monthly spend of £40.72 and 198kWh

Cut Carbon Emissions with EcoMeter

Loop’s EcoMeter offers real-time carbon insights that can help you rethink the timing of energy-intensive tasks, such as running your dishwasher or charging your electric vehicle.

Aligning these activities with when more renewable energy is on the grid can help you lead a more sustainable lifestyle. It’s a simple way to cut your carbon footprint at home.


Loop has helped thousands of users understand their carbon footprint and reduce their emissions.

Kay - "I like the fact it has tips..."
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I like the fact it has tips for lowering your energy, I have always been energy conscious but the cost has now become more of an issue than it was but my main reason is my granddaughter's, in a world that needs to reduce its carbon footprint for there future and loop is trying to help people cut back on cost and help the environment.
Debbie - "Loop is a fantastic app for finding out..."
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Loop is a fantastic app for finding out all you need to know about you’re electric and gas usage per day and per month to make you more aware of your carbon footprint and to save you money by showing you when you are using the most energy and then you can work out why and change timings of appliances and get out of habits and change to new energy saving ones. It’s the best if you have an electric car as it shows you exactly how much it costs immediately to charge it and with solar panels it tells you if it’s all free or you’ve used some electricity from the grid. So good I look at it every day to see if I can get my savings down further. Using LED lights saves so much and putting less water in the kettle are little things that save a lot. If it gives off heat it costs you more is my mantra now. Thank you loop for educating me in saving energy, money and the environment. 5* APP
Mark - "Clear, intuitive and easy...
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Clear, intuitive and easy. It displays what you need without fuss. The app also offers tips and tricks written clearly and concisely meaning that you can dig into topics as much or as little as you want. The solar and battery simulator is also useful and fun and I really like the way the app describes the mix of energy sources that are being used. A great app that I'm keeping for the foreseeable!

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