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How Much Could You Save With Solar?

Discover everything you need to know about the financial aspects of going solar. From initial investment to long-term savings, we’re breaking down the numbers to help you make an informed decision.


Cut Your Energy Bills by 75% with a 12-Panel Setup!

We’ve all heard that installing solar panels can significantly reduce your electricity bills, but do you know by how much? A typical setup with 12 x 430W panels and a 5.8kWh battery can save you over £1,000 annually. That’s around 75% off your energy bills every year for 25 years!

This is because every unit of electricity you generate and use, known as self-consumption, saves you from buying that unit from the grid, which currently costs around 24.5p per unit. So, the more solar power you use, the greater your savings.

Solar Savings: Break Down

Suppose your solar system generates 4,000kWh per year and you self-consume 50% of this power. You’d save £490 annually by reducing your grid electricity usage by 2,000kWh. Plus, you’d earn about £240 by exporting the remaining 2,000kWh to the grid at 12p per unit. This saves you a total £730 in the first year alone!

But the financial benefits don’t stop there. Solar panels typically come with a 25-year warranty, meaning your savings will continue over the long term. Even accounting for a 1% annual decrease in panel efficiency and a 2% yearly increase in electricity prices, your total savings over 25 years could exceed £20,618.

Doctor with blue spiky hair and shiny glasses with writing saying The Energy Doctor Says:

“The typical cost for solar panels is around £8,000. If you’re deciding whether it’s a good investment for your home, compare it with other purchase of the same value. You’ll see that for the outlay, solar panels reduce your electricity bills for almost 3 decades, enhance the value of your house and even make you money – it’s a win-win.”

Expert advice from the Energy Doctor

3 Ways to Save More With Solar

Once you have solar panels installed, you can maximise your savings even further by making these changes and upgrades. 

Shift Appliance Usage

Run appliances like your washing machine and dishwasher during the day when your panels are generating electricity.

Electric Vehicles

Charging an electric vehicle during daylight hours can significantly boost your self-consumption.

Home Battery Storage

Adding a home battery can further increase your self-consumption, with many homes seeing an increase from 30% to 70%. Although a small battery starts at around £3,000, it can store excess solar energy for use during non-sunny periods or overnight, especially if you switch to a tariff with cheaper overnight power.

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