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Smart Meter In-Home Display: Navigating Issues

Do you have a blank smart meter screen or a broken in-home display? Perhaps you’ve lost it or never had one? Accepting a loss of control and higher bills is not your only option. Loop is here to help.


Green table with smart meter in-home display device on top of it with pink squares coming out the top of the smart meter

What is a Smart Meter In-Home Display?

A smart meter in-home display (IHD) is a small digital screen linked to your smart meter, often given during your installation. 

This screen is an energy monitor that gives insights into your live energy use and costs, which is important for understanding how your home uses energy. But, it’s not a guarantee of lower bills. That’s where a smart meter app like Loop is necessary.

Smart Meter Display Problems

An increasing number of households encounter hurdles accessing their energy data through their in-home displays (IHD). Some aren’t given one during their installation, others have lost or broken their displays and have reported long wait times for a replacement – as well as an unwelcome expense! 

Flat dwellers regularly report being unable to access their energy data. In flats the meter is often remote from the property, meaning the IHD won’t work as the smart meter and the IHD have to maintain a wireless connection. This denies access to data which is vital for reducing energy use.

White poster with a smart meter in-home display titled 'missing' stuck up with tape at the top and with tear off tabs at the bottom
Smart meter in-home display device in front of a mobile screen showing the Loop app's daily electricity use tracking screen on circular purple background

How Loop Can Help

The free Loop app is the perfect solution to address smart meter in-home display issues and more. It instantly unlocks your smart meter data on your smartphone, providing unique analysis and the tools to monitor energy usage, make informed decisions about how to use less and save money on your energy bill.

Join thousands of Loop users who have not only overcome IHD challenges but have significantly reduced their energy consumption. On average, Loop users reduce their energy use by 15%.

What Else Can Loop Do?

Loop mobile app screen showing monthly electricity use through pink gradient bars and monthly spend of £40.72 and 198kWh

Is 30% of Your Bill Spent on Wasted Energy?

Appliances left switched on or on standby add to your electricity bill. Every day, power is wasted like this without you even realising. We call this Phantom Load and it accounts for more than 30% (over £250) of the electricity used in an average home. 

Uniquely, Loop measures your Phantom Load so you know just how much you’re wasting. Then, follow our simple actions and tips to help identify and eliminate this wasted energy.  


Loop has helped thousands of users with a broken, lost or missing smart meter in-home display.

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Fantastic app. Very accurate and more accessible and easier to use than a smart meter display. Then, when I moved home and found the smart meter display in the new property was missing, it gave me invaluable visibility of my new energy usage. Having such detailed daily usage data really helps you understand and affect your usage and thus those dreaded bills. Grateful to have found this fantastic app.
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Loop is great! I needed a way to read my smart meter without having to buy a replacement monitor system. The one I was provided with when my meter was installed never worked. Loop works brilliantly and I can see with ease how much I'm spending on household energy over time. Once you can see your usage pattern, it's easy to change and save money. A+++
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Great free app for tracking your electricity usage if on a smart-meter. My smart-meter monitor is too far away from the smart meter in my apartment block so I am unable to get readings, and my supplier's app does not supply this, so I was I was delighted to discover Loop. Loop allows you to see your usage every hour, so it is helpful to monitor what devices use the most electricity and your "phantom load", it also helpful to have a broader look through the week and month views.

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