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Alice’s Story: Understanding My Energy Use

Motivated to gain deeper insights into her gas and electricity consumption, Alice* turned to Loop to analyse her energy usage more effectively. Without her smart meter in-home display, she had previously been unable to gauge her consumption.

Beyond financial savings, reducing her environmental impact fueled her quest for energy efficiency. Even before Loop, Alice implemented savvy measures to curb energy costs. She swapped all her bulbs to LEDs, chose showers over baths, and actively turned off appliances not in use. 

Loop’s influence proved pivotal in helping her use less. By analysing her hourly gas and electricity consumption, seeing the peaks and troughs made her think more about how to reduce her usage at these times. 

Alice has sharpened up energy efficiency at home. She now makes sure to fill the kettle with only the water needed, she has reduced her boiler’s flow temperature and made better use of her thermostatic radiator valves, she favours drying clothes outside to using the tumble dryer and has invested in an air fryer to reduce cooking costs.

* All users real names have been changed


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