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Carlo’s Story: Making the swap to LEDs

Carlo’s* journey into smart lighting was rooted in a need for safety. The poorly positioned switches on his stairs posed a significant risk due to his susceptibility to falls, driving him to explore smart lighting solutions.

The installation proved challenging, navigating it with partial sight and mobility issues. Yet, the outcome was striking. Starting with a Black Friday deal, he gradually expanded his smart home setup, integrating intelligent bulbs, plugs, and switches. 

Carlo’s lights are voice-responsive and automatically light specific areas post-dusk. His smart home system helps guide him to bed, set alarms, and even manage his schedule for the next day. 

He can’t emphasise enough the transformative impact smart lighting has made to his everyday life. While his initial setup was relatively pricey, the efficiency gains were notable. He noticed a significant drop in energy consumption.

* All users real names have been changed


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