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So you're thinking about solar? Smart!

You’ve looked in the app and something’s caught your eye,  So what’s next?  First a quick summary of why solar makes so much sense.  Then some really exciting news about a new Loop project we’re working on… Loop Solar.

Why everyone needs solar!

Lower bills

Any home-grown energy you use yourself replaces energy from the grid that you would otherwise have paid for.   Self-sufficiency is great, especially when it cuts your costs.

Even lower bills

When coupled with a home battery, solar starts to make even more sense for more people.  Save your home-grown energy until you need it and lower your bills still further.

Home-grown energy is cleanest

Whilst the proportion of our energy that comes from renewable sources is increasing all the time, it doesn’t get any cleaner than the energy you grow at home, especially if a battery reduces your reliance on grid energy at peak times, when a higher proportion of energy comes from non-renewable sources.

Revenue opportunities

New Smart Export Guarantee tariffs mean you get paid for any energy that you export back to the grid.  Whilst you get the most benefit from solar by using it all yourself, it’s good to know that you’ll get paid for any you don’t use.  And don’t forget that solar and batteries are the first steps towards the future of smart energy.

Free miles

Solar and Electric Vehicles are a marriage made in heaven.  Electric vehicles already offer compelling cost-of-ownership advantages, but when paired with a solar installation the prospect of free mileage is hard to ignore.

Read all about it

If you need even more convincing , the Loop Blog is full of articles about the benefits of solar.

Take the next step with Loop Solar

Our mission is to have a positive impact on our planet.  One way we want to do that is by taking the pain out of adopting solar for our customers.  For those households where solar makes sense, we want to make it super-easy for them to install solar through innovative financing and ownership options.

If you’d like to find out more, please fill out the form below with some basic information and we’ll get in touch about joining our Loop Solar trials.