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As energy prices rise, the savings from solar rise with it. Every unit of electricity you self-consume saves you from buying that unit from the grid, cutting your energy bill in the process.

April’s price cap increase reduced the payback period on a typical install by around 30%, and even with the government’s new cap, October’s rise will reduce the payback period by a further 18%.

They can significantly cut your carbon footprint too – by 1.6 tonnes each year!

Accessing up to 13 months of past energy data directly from your smart meter, Loop calculates exactly how self-sufficient you would have been. Experiment with different-sized solar arrays and batteries, all on the free Loop app.

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“I used Loop before committing to a solar installation. It showed me the potential savings and it convinced me to go for it. Panels installed and now enjoying earning money as we currently getting paid more than for what we use. Great app 👍” Loop User