Make smart choices for the planet. It's simple!

We’re in a climate emergency. It’s time to take matters into our own hands.

With Loop’s EcoMeter, your smartphone becomes a tool for sustainability. Access real-time information and 24-hour forecasts about how clean or dirty electricity is, so you can adjust how and when you use energy. Loop’s EcoMeter empowers you to make informed decisions, nurture energy-efficient routines, and ultimately reduce your carbon footprint. 

Harness a greener lifestyle with Loop in 3 simple steps:

1. Smart Scheduling

Loop’s EcoMeter provides real-time carbon insights that empower you to rethink when you run your energy-hungry appliances, like using your washing machine or charging your electric vehicle. By timing these tasks strategically to when the app is showing green for low pollution levels, you can minimise your carbon impact.


2. Energy Awareness

As you monitor your energy data with Loop, you become more aware of your energy consumption patterns. This heightened awareness encourages energy-saving behaviours, such as turning off lights and unplugging standby appliances when not in use. It all adds up, and on average Loop users cut their electricity bill by 16% and their gas by 10%.


3. Advocate for Change

Loop’s EcoMeter equips you with factual insights to spark conversations about carbon intensity and sustainable energy practices. As you share your knowledge, you play a vital role in nurturing a global mindset shift toward rethinking how and when you use energy. Knowledge is power and we all have the power to set an example for others to follow.


How does Loop's EcoMeter work?

Track National Grid carbon intensity in real-time and over 24 hours with a dynamic colour gradient that reflects pollution levels – green for low and red for high. By shifting energy-intensive tasks at home to greener times, you can do your bit for the planet.

Got a smart meter? Link the FREE Loop app to access our EcoMeter. A greener tomorrow starts today!

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