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Turn stuff off! It sounds obvious but...

We all leave things turned on or on standby. Some things have to stay on, like your fridge and freezer but there are lots of other things that you leave on that perhaps you don’t need to. We call this your Phantom Load.  We’ll show how much this is costing you and how it compares to other households like yours.  The average household could be losing £140 per year to its Phantoms, but for some homes this could be as high as £450. 


Slay the Phantom!

Loop helps you to understand what your Phantoms are costing you, so you can make choices about which things to turn off. If we all did this, it would save up to £2bn a year and save enough carbon dioxide to fill Wembley Stadium 23 times (source: Energy Saving Trust).  Find your Phantoms with Loop.  Happy hunting!


Get Loop!

Fire up your app and install the Loop kit

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Start hunting

Go around your house and in each room look to see what’s on or on standby.


Understand the costs

Open up your Loop app to the Dashboard screen. This shows you the electricity your house is using and what it’s costing you each hour. Turn appliances on and off and watch the costs go up and down.


Slay the Phantoms

Make informed decisions about what you leave on and start saving straight away.


We've got you covered

Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. If those Phantoms start coming back, we’ll tell you.