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With energy prices spiralling, it’s time to take back control of your bill. One of the best ways to get started is by understanding how much each individual appliance or device in your home costs to run. Then, you can make smart decisions about using less. That’s where the Loop Snoop can help! Simply download the map and hunt out the energy-wasting culprits in your home. You might find some surprises along the way!

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Easy savings with Loop

On average our users cut their energy use by 10% but we know that’s just the start of what’s possible.  How much could you save?


Seeing is understanding

Simply seeing how much your energy use is costing you each day has an impact on how much you use. It’s called the “feedback effect” and most households can easily cut 5% from their usage in this way.


Advice from the experts

We’ll help you to understand more about your energy use with helpful insights about your use. Then, see how you compare to other households and the easy actions you can take to reduce your usage.


Slay the Phantom!

Slay the what? Phantom Load is our name for the stuff you leave on all the time. Understand what this is costing you and then make smart choices about which things to turn off. Simple.

Go hunting for ghosts


Switching your energy provider

Switching is your easiest and biggest opportunity to save money on your energy bills. Loop makes it super easy and super convenient. Switching…solved!

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LED there be light

LED bulbs are the smart choice- just as bright as traditional bulbs and with comparable light quality, but they last up to 50 times longer. They also use up to 90% less energy! Loop helps you to calculate the savings you could make by switching to LEDs. What are you waiting for? Find out more on the always-helpful Which? website.

Which? LED bulb guides

But most importantly...

Every bit of energy you save is a step towards reducing your environmental impact.

Our mission

£ 2,000,000,000

Amount that could be saved if UK households switched off applicances on standby

15 %

Reduction in use from seeing live costs

£ 160

Average household saving by swapping to LEDs

33 %

Energy saved washing at 30 degrees not 40

£ 80

Average saving turning down thermostat by 1 degree

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Bringing your energy use to life

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