It's time to Turn Down and Save

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Monitoring Home

“Loop helped identify just how much power older kitchen appliances were using, and helped work out that replacing them with new would payback the purchase cost in just a couple of years!”

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Helped Family

“My Loop helped me justify my constant nagging of family members to “Turn thoseā€¦ lights off when you’re not in the room”. To be able to see the current usage go up and down every time we turned a light on and off was a very obvious way to convince them!”

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Faulty Appliances

“I found out that my dishwasher was drawing power when it was switched off as the base energy showing in Loop was higher than I expected. It turns out the dishwasher was faulty and I’ve now bought a new one and the readings are where I would expect them.”

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Understanding Energy

“Loop made me take a better look at my electrical appliances, I realised I could save money by ratings, having a good look around my house ensuring I turned off lights I didn’t need on, I also made sure that no appliances were left on standby.”

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Environmental Impact

“I use it regularly to work out if we’ve left something on when we leave the house. It’s also helped get my standby usage down, through turning things off and checking how low I can get the baseline.”

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“I genuinely believe the electricity Loop has saved me between 10-25% off my electricity bill in the last year. I have identified several appliances that have cost me more than I thought just by being on stand-by.”

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