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Turn Down and Save with Loop this Summer

This summer there will be ten Turn Down and Save events with £4000 of prizes up for grabs! Events will take place when the UK’s electricity grid is at its most polluting – typically in the morning and late evening.

By taking part and turning down, you’ll help cut the carbon emissions of the grid. Each event lasts an hour and if you reduce your use over the hour we’ll enter you into our prize draw. It’s as simple as that!

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Our Winter Turn Down and Save Winter 2022/23 is now closed – but you can join in our Summer scheme here. Thank you to everyone who took part. We hope the high engagement rates mean National Grid will run similar events next Winter. Changing household patterns of energy use is a far more sustainable way to balance demand and supply than turning on the most expensive and polluting electricity generators.

All participants in Turn Down and Save will receive an email about their rewards at the beginning of April.

Thanks again for being part of a community that makes a difference.

More details

Between November and March there will be a number of national energy-saving ‘events’. During these events participating households try to use less electricity than normal. If successful, they will receive a reward.


If you join Turn Down and Save the aim is to use 40% less electricity than normal during the event. Each event lasts for an hour or more. If you’re successful, you’ll receive a reward for each kilowatt hour less than normal that you use.


Frequently Asked Questions

If your question isn’t listed below, please check out our full list of FAQs here.

What is Turn Down and Save?

Turn Down and Save pays Loop customers for using less electricity at peak times this winter.


At peak times it’s expensive for National Grid to balance supply and demand. National Grid pays some of the most expensive electricity generators to generate electricity at peak times. But it also pays factories and businesses to reduce their usage. This can often be cheaper than turning more generators on.


Turn Down and Save extends the same offer to Loop customers. If you can use less electricity during peak periods Loop will pay you a reward.


Can I sign up for this and other Demand Flexibility Services?

Turn Down and Save is supported by National Grid ESO. National Grid ESO are supporting several Demand Flexibility Services with different providers this Winter.


Please note that you can only sign up to one Demand Flexibility Service.


If you wish to change service you should withdraw from your existing service before signing up for the new service.


When are Turn Down and Save events?

Last event: 6.30pm – 7.30pm Thursday 23rd March



We’ll notify all users of future events as they are announced by National Grid. We will generally have less than 24 hours notice.


Who can sign up?

Turn Down and Save is available to everyone with an electricity smart meter.


If you don’t have a Loop account already, click here to set up your free Loop account – once your account is active we’ll email you with instructions on how to sign up to Turn Down and Save.


How do I sign up?

You must be a Loop user to sign up to Turn Down and Save.


If you don’t have a Loop account already, click here to set up your free Loop account.  Once your account is active we’ll email you instructions on how to sign-up to Turn Down and Save.


How much money might I get paid?

Provided you reduce your usage by at least 40% of your baseline (your normal usage for the same period), we will pay you approximately £2.50 per kWh saved. This will be paid via an Amazon voucher.


So for example, if your baseline for the event duration was 1kWh and you reduced it to 0.5kWh we would pay you £1.25.


NB: The rate per kWh will vary per event we anticipate payments will be approximately £2.50/kWh on average.


How do I opt out?

If you would like to withdraw your consent and opt out of Turn Down and Save, please complete this short form and we’ll remove you from the scheme.

Please note: you will still be eligible to receive the rewards you’ve earned so far from the events you’ve taken part in with us. Turn Down and Save finishes at the end of March and all rewards will be paid shortly after that.