Loop can now get energy data direct from your smart meter

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Loop on Android

Your essential energy-saving assistant is now available on Android. Track and monitor your energy use, all on our clever app.

Please note: The Loop app is compatible with Android handsets running version 7 onwards.

Download on Google Play
Android icon showing that the Loop energy monitor app is available on Google Play.

Loop on iPhone

Start your journey to smart energy use by downloading you energy monitor app, Loop.

Please note: The Loop app is compatible with Apple iPhones from 5S onwards.

Download on the App Store
Badge for the App Store where the Loop app is available.

The Loop app is linked to a small clip that you simply place around a cable in your meter cupboard. It’s clever stuff. No engineers, no installation, no new wiring, no batteries, just a simple clip. You also get a small hub that you plug in to your broadband router. And that’s it. Measuring your usage up to every 10 seconds, you get to see your energy use in real-time in the app.

There are easy things that every household should be doing to save electricity and save money – Loop helps you to tick those boxes.

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